SAFEX will skyrocket



How do you know the wallet will drop tomorrow? Haven’t they already delayed the deadline twice?


According to the owner of Safex, the wallet will drop today, in the very near future.

As for skyrocketing… there’s a 37 BTC sell wall. So I don’t know how far the price will rise. Depends on media coverage, I think. If it attracts enough people, breaking the wall should be easy.

Let’s hope for the best.


I’ve always hated the concept of evolution. To me, its seems like a cruel prank. Often times than not it produces horrible results.


Bought 3100 safex and some ARK.


Sorry people I’m out of SAFEX, I’m feeling that NEO fever and got more of those. Its going up again :slight_smile:


if you got in at 530 sats and exit at 630 thats a 18% gain and I would say a damn good trade


Great Forbes article with a lot about Safex
Forbes Article


Not the article a lot of us were expecting :frowning:


When you have any idea about Safex, please share with us.


Yeah please do Peter keen to hear your thoughts on SAFEX and the CHILLE blockchain!


your not a noob!! your just objectieve lol


They can’t even deliver on a wallet; a wallet! I sold out this morning. I have no faith in them delivering a completely anonymous blockchain. I think this is one of those good ol’ pyramid scams. Maybe I’m wrong. But I’d rather have my money vested in promising and active projects that can stick to a reasonable timeline. SAFEX promised a wallet three months ago? And then two weeks ago? And then two days ago? And now…?


They have to keep you on the leash. Runway man. They need the runway. Sigh


Safex feels like a Kickstarter gone wrong… Just deliver already…


Don’t worry guys! A youtuber dumped it. Just wait and buy more and more. It’s a really long term run. :muscle:


really unprofessional team, they need to hire more people and start to act professional


The wallet has been released !

The pump is now !


Yo!!! I am glad I BTFD! Chee Hooo!!!




Whale Sale on Bittrex :brain:


I’m watching some really large whale move the markets, was selling at 500 then pulled and now selling @550 (pulling the market higher)