SAFEX will skyrocket



Just bought 5,000 with my speculative/gambling fund. Let’s do this SAFEX!!!


I also just got 4000


This is a really long term hodl right here.
Bought 10.000 shares, lets hodl to the moon


just copped some as well. here is an official update from their CEO I recommend joining their Slack group!!



did some research and used peter’s checklist. result failed! risk level too high - Reason: lack of dev team. no marketing team and many more
but did bought some :joy: to play the game of hype


I like the “gamble” fund, I think people should set aside a small % of the profits that they made, that they are willing to loose, to try to get in on an exciting project, I mean getting if you get in at 0,025 and it even goes up to 1 USD, you’re laughing.


Some of the development team is apparently not public info


There is an argument here that by investing in highly speculative coins based purely on taking advantage of hype, you will encourage bad practice in the crypto sphere resulting in a negative effect overall in the long run. Meaning that those coins that you’re invested in for the long haul that really do have value and purpose, suffer in price due to an overall negative opinion by people because of too many scams/failed coins with bad business plans and ideas.

But hey, such is the nature of natural selection, somehow the wheat has to be separated from the chaff and you can’t expect a perfect evolutionary path. That goes for investors as well as the devs, as long as we’re learning along the way :slight_smile:


I am waiting with 10000 coinies :heart_eyes:


I’m following Safex for a while now & got in at 0.015, bought 15.000 was around 225 usd.

Been a lot of fuzz on forums about safex…developers not holding on the release date of the wallet…not as much feedback as people want to hear from them…etc. But they have a great concept (that is what i think at least).

Last update:

Check out:


Agreed! Just sold my OMG and put it all on SAFEX!



I’m with you guys too. 15,000 at $0.02/share for $300.



Just bought 10.000!! to the mooooooonnnnn!


Got a little, we shall see if/what happens.


SAFEX wallet release announcement for today:


Free markets baby. Take advantage of the mass psychology!


SAFEX is up today baby haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think my 15,000 shares are looking promising now. #To the MOOONNNNN

well…some sleep, you have to sleep at some point. but you get the idea #gates.


Lol. Bitcoin Vampires is great. Pretty much how I’ve been living these past few days :smiley: