SAFEX will skyrocket



Safex will release their wallet tommorow, which initially shouldve been released on 8 August. Bought in at 0,0016 low and it is already skyrocketing, get in while its nice and cheap!


Nice. I should look into it for sure


just bought 1000 see how it goes so far looks not to bad


I also just bought around 1200


1000 in let’s get it


bought 3200 at 0.025$ myself, hope to get some nice returns when the wallet comes out :smiley:


I got in at 576 :slight_smile:


400 shares for $15…more than happy to spend that much and see if this hits the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON (for all you dbz fans out there someone commented on the live stream that Neo was going to Namek which I appreciated :joy: )


Grabbed my 2500 shares on 8/6/17 at .00000770 (US $0.04) … now hovering at around US $0.03)


I’m going large on SAFEX seems like a viable product, fluctuating heavy at the moment but i’ll put it down to growing pains!


Man. Now I have to look into this. Ok. Ok.


still nothing from announced wallet?


the slack is fairly active. Though not much from the devs. A couple of pictures form the office so show that they are still working on it. No estimates on the wallet just yet.


Heard in a review that since they plan on giving up dividends (at least that’s what they say in the presentation video on their website) they might be considered as a security and have the SEC (ironic) on their back. Anyone concerned about that?


Any Updates guys on their wallet ?
@Peter, you rock, keep it up buddy


A photo on reddit, seems like they are working on it. Also the Forbes article will get them good exposure. Curious to see where it will go, it’s the first time i’ve got in this early into a crypto project, so curious to learn how it will grow.


Thx @sukaytrader for the headsup…
I’ve entered big on it less than 30 mins ago @ 0.02379
lets see where it goes
best of luck


I made 700 USD profit in my first 6 days trading crypto so I’m using 250 USD to get me 10200 of these, haven’t read into it, here’s to cryptonation power :slight_smile:


At a quick glance, I’m not that inspired by this one so far. I tried to look for a white paper but a quick search on their forums reveals that their old one is out of date and they need to update it so it’s not available yet. Github seems a bit low on commits but that doesn’t always mean anything. Based on current evidence you could just have a game of Blackjack instead :slight_smile: but hey, I’m a noob and the market is buoyant so you never know!

Has anyone profiled their team members?


I echo peterigz…
Their website and internet presence leave much to the imagination.
Trying to hunt down team info now.