Rx580 SMOS + BIOS settings


To dear mining experts!!

I’m in the middle of building my very first rig and need your advise.

My components:

6x Asus Strix rx580 8GB
Asus Z370 motherboard
I3 Intel Processor
SMOS operating System
4GB Corsair Vengence Memory
What power supply do you recommend (I was going to get the eVGA-SuperNOVA-T2-1600W-80PLUS-Titanium-Power-Supply but not sure if this is overkill.

I’m planning to mine ETC.

What is your SMOS settings for mining ETC and any altered BIOS your using.

I’m hoping to set a nice balance of wattage to hashes. I’ve seen videos of people claiming they are getting 6 rx580 around 750watts and getting Low 200MHs.

Please help :slight_smile:


The anorak forums should have a bios for that specific card. I’ve had that power supply before and I highly recommend it. I only use Evga power supplies, partly because they are high quality and because the cables are interchangeable on the G2/P2/T2 and G3 variants. I haven’t used those cards or smos but I imagine 165+ hashes at <850 watts should be easy to attain.