Robinhood is launching a Crypto Trading App




Not to be negative or anything but am I the only one that doesn’t see how this is going to work? How is the platform making money with 0 Fees is there a monthly cost? Just a question


I downloaded the app and set up an account as soon as I heard the news. Competition is always good. What a time to be investing in cryptocurrencies.


Through tiers you can pay for for extra CASH to spend.


Yeah I feel dumb. I commented before reading the previous post or watching the video, sorry about that





Here the customer grabbing method is the omg ZERO FEES zero fees, but I bet once you are there, options that need to be payed will be implemented.

just my 0.00000002


They charge more for “supersizing” your account :thinking:


5 hours later: 322,502 in line




It must be a winner if they include Dogecoin :rofl:


seems There will only be BTC and ETH when it opens next month…


Great news guys. I current use the application for stocks. Whicked excited!!


Do you like it in terms od UI/UX?


For sure buying more NEO and OMG now


One of the founders gives a short interview


Me too! I actually sold my FB, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft stocks in Robinhood a week ago to push into crypto. :rofl:


It has an amazing UI/UX and has been an app that a lot of designers get inspiration from.



So can we transfer BTC to our ledger or other exchanges from Robinhood?

I like the list of coins that it’s tracking. Now when can I actually buy these coins?