Robinhood is launching a Crypto Trading App



Introducing Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies on Robinhood Crypto


Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic
Bitcoin Gold

(Trading starts in February. Commission Free Trading)

Robinhood adds zero-fee cryptocurrency trading and tracking
Robinhood Adds ZERO-FEE cryptocurrency Trading and Tracking. Pub hears it first!
MEMEs that made you laugh

Was just about to post this… The pub is quick.

3 Million users is huge news for crypto


A no fee fiat gateway in to Bitcoin!
I think that this may be the first 0 fee gateway in to crypto. :moneybag::moneybag:


anybody try it? i’ve always had the app, but i don’t see any cryptos listed.


Dogecoin is in the list ! :doge:


It’s not set to launch until February; and in certain states.

Next month, round-the-clock, commission-free cryptocurrency trading comes to the Robinhood platform. Trading will be limited to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), with more coins tradeable later. Trading functionality for BTC and ETH will be released gradually in waves to Robinhood residents in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire. Robinhood Crypto will be available in more states soon.


Anyone located in one of those states willing to give this a try?


its no fees? game changer?


I’m in CA and I have Robinhood account. I’ll let you guys know how it goes once crypto trade starts! I’m excited! :rocket:


I’ve used Robinhood in the past. It is reliable and they are insured. Their charting sucks and I’m sure this is going to be US only. They have many banks that you can link your account and I believe the transfer is instant.


this may be a game changer and really press coinbase !!


i stopped using robin hood since i got into crypto , maybe i may have to recover my username and password. Popo Lambo ( Cobinhood) is already in the game.


Cobinhood got a cease and desist letter from robinhood, actually. So that won’t be happening! Also just a quick correction to your post; robinhood is not coming out with a new app, just adding crypto to the existing one. It will be interesting to see how wallets and addresses work on there. I’m quite interested.


sold all my cob at $1.30… #BIGLY


Sounds interesting, but one way or another they will get paid. I don’t know if this is legal or possible, but here was an example. If a bitcoin is worth $11,000, you might buy it for $11,040 and thats how they would make their money. I don’t have anything to back that up, but just a FYI it may be something like that.


Competition is always good! So exited… one rule that I follow though is never be the first to try something new… let other people go through the growing pains and issues (If there are any) and join a little later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You have to update your app for it to show up. Fair warning, a bunch of people in the robinhood subreddit are saying it’s crashing their app but it works fine for me.

I honestly think this will add a significant number of younger users who already love using robinhood into the crypto space.


Snoop Dogg tweeting this shit out. Get that ticket cause BTC is going to the moon. lol


At their website 260.000 people signed up :star_struck:


I would register now before they get overwhelmed there is a waiting list of 250k already.

This app wont let you day trade unless you have 25k in the account.

Biggest issue I have with the app is you are required to give up your social security number to register. Coinbase requires your DL for ID I don’t remember having to disclose my SSN though.

Will be a great boost in the crypto economy, will be interesting to see if there will be some arbitrage opportunities with Coinbase or Binance. Pricing is pretty equal right now something worth monitoring though especially with putting seed money in will be interesting to see transaction time and fees vs Coinbase.