RIP Anthony Bourdain


I have been most fortunate to have never suffered with chronic depression, but I have lost a few friends to it. Unless you have been afflicted it is very difficult to understand what a person has to go through to come to the conclusion that death is preferable to life. In an attempt to understand why my friends, and so many others, make this decision I have spent more time than most trying to gain an insight into depression and the effect the illness has on people.

Truly, those of us that are spared such suffering and self loathing are the lucky ones.

Be grateful that you can’t relate, but don’t judge those that can.


I don’t mean to sound cold…this is a tough subject. It is your life, it is your decision, but in my eyes, it’s not worth it. To someone who makes their living traveling the globe, eating food, making friends, drinking, writing books about their adventures…damn, isn’t that what most of us strive for!!! I don’t mean to judge. I’m sorry I never knew the man.


Yes. This.

I’ve endured life threatening depression on two separate occasions and can only impart that it’s greatest power is illusion. You truly don’t see what’s in front of you. The voices are outside of your control and eventually death does seem like relief. It’s an illness in keeping with schizophrenia or cancer, we simply don’t know how to tackle something as intangible as depression. It doesn’t help that the term ‘depressed’ is thrown around as much as ‘love’.

While we out in the world see a wealthy, cultured world traveler with everything going for him, there is literally no way to understand what’s inside. For perspective, I don’t own a gun, simply because I know things can get dark enough, quick enough that I loose control. A bit like being afraid of the dark, it’s irrational, it’s subjective and your biggest fear is being left alone with yourself. Those are reasons it’s important to surrender to ‘not know but empathizing’ as opposed to questioning it.

Asia, his girlfriend, has clearly had an awful 12-18 months.

I hope Anthony’s daughter grows up to understand her father didn’t go because she wasn’t enough, he went because he didn’t feel. That’s projecting, I know, but on the off chance she comes across this board, there’s love and a future in this world and you’ll be showered in the adoration your father left behind forever, that, is what you mean to him. It’s in the voices and eyes of all who leave their every day world and travel with him on screen.

RIP Tony. Tell Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman what’s up! Cook them something special!


That’s a pretty cynical take. Have you not been influenced by someone you’ve never met? Perhaps you don’t like the platform (i agree, fuck cnn), perhaps you didn’t like Bourdain, but to summarize Bourdain as an Uber wealthy shitlib is simply ignorant. The man is a shining example of someone who can turn their life around after years of drug abuse, and he single handendly changed culinary journalism, though he would scoff at the idea of him being called a journalist.

I’m not saying we should idolize the man, but you can’t deny the fact that he brought cultural perspective to the masses.

“When a job applicant starts telling me how Pacific Rim cuisine turns him on and inspires him, I see trouble coming. Send me another Mexican dishwasher anytime. I can teach him to cook. I can’t teach character. Show up at work on time six months in a row and we’ll talk about red curry paste and lemongrass. Until then, I have four words for you: “Shut the fuck up.”” -Bourdain


I hope that you have a nice day! :kissing_heart:


Life might be a precious gift, but it’s a gift nobody asked for and after something is gifted to you, you can do whatever you want with it.

I think it’s a pretty narcissistic view that everyone else should treat it the way you think…

Nobody else can say if it was right or wrong, because nobody else is that person.



This is constructive insightful dialogue. And it also serves to maintain not only a certain reverence for the extinguished light of a single human life, but a mountain of respect for those left in the wake of such a perfected form of tragedy.


It’s amazaing to see admins making judgements about what is constructive clearly based on bias and ip banning people

Says a lot


Interesting take


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One of my favorite pictures of Tony - He is missed!


It looks so u contrived, you can see his inner joy

Great pic!