RIP Anthony Bourdain


“Maybe that’s enlightenment enough: to know that there is no final resting place of the mind; no moment of smug clarity. Perhaps wisdom is realising how small I am, and unwise, and how far I have yet to go.” — Anthony Bourdain



This one hit me hard today. No other “celebrity” has influenced me the way that Bourdain has. The man was not only an amazing chef, brilliant writer, and captivating storyteller, but a beacon of empathy and perspective for different cultures; both of which I feel are severely lacking in today’s society. The world lost one of the greats today. RIP.


we’ve lost a good one. i enjoyed his irreverent way upon which he encountered typical situations… and made them much more engaging. too bad.


RIP, i liked watching his parts unknown season… :disappointed_relieved::cry:


Wait until we find out he was on klinton’s kill list.


100 bucks says he was on SSRIs


I think it is sad that people kill themselves, some people would love to have the gift of life and they don’t get it

Sure people might claim “they are mentally ill”, but still it makes it sad that some people don’t appreciate what they have


If that was true wouldn’t he have shot himself in the back of his head twice?


you liked watching his parts? ow boy


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not sure what to make of your comment… feels a bit racist but thats cool. ide be mad too if he fucked my mom


true that! good thing this is the interwebs!


whats that say about a dickwad who goes into a RIP thread and shits on the deceased? lol sall good dude! keep showing the internet how to be a real man!


Dude was a True OG.
In my opinion, his shows weren’t about traveling and food. It was about people, human nature and understanding the relationships and struggles of life.




This board will not be used to slander or minimize the life of ANY deceased person, regardless of significant fame or lack thereof. Be compassionate enough to realize there are lives still in the process of being ‘LIVED’, that are profoundly affected by this kind of loss.

If you have something kind to say rattle your vocal cords, but if you intend to spill your spleen…go elsewhere.


pub needs some censorship resistance


whats 21kill? asdfgggg


I think mr bourdain would be against censorship. He did love to party. He went out the way he wanted. Who are we to criticize his choice.


As someone who has been in the hospitality business most of my life, this man was not only a mentor to most of us in the biz whether personally or through his work. He was the first real “hero” of kitchen folk, and proved that there is actually life outside of the kitchen and restaurant if one truly wants it.
I remember reading his book, “Kitchen Confidential” back when I was still in my 20s, and it blew my mind that this guy was telling most of our secrets!! But I think that some of us tend to forget, especially once we get to a point of richness, of what we truly mean to others around us. I’m sure he went day to day worrying about his show and what his girlfriend was doing instead of worrying about his own self, and that as we get older, needs to be a bigger focus.
This man will be missed, sadly there is no one that will or can take his place.


I didn’t watch his show, and I’m not sure if Anthony Bourdain impacted my life in any way, shape or form, but when I see such public outpouring for a man who decided to end his own life, my first reaction is being puzzled as to why. I’ve always thought life is a very precious gift. I really can’t relate.