Redditor's bank doesn't want him using cryptocurrency..."what happen's next will shock you!"


They actually want him to start coming in on a weekly basis to talk to them about the future potential of cryptocurrency!!! There is a big lesson to be gleaned here about communication and opportunity and spreading the news about bitcoin.


Today I went to my local RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) branch to open a new account chequing account and mentioned during that process that I would probably use it to fund crypto purchases. Big mistake there (or so I thought).

Essentially the worker there told me that it’s their policy that they don’t allow cryptocurrency activity and that I wouldn’t be allowed to open an account with them unless I guaranteed that I wouldn’t be doing that.

I asked to speak to the branch manager, not expecting to change their mind on the decision but more for an explanation. and she told me it’s a huge fraud risk and money laundering issue for them and for that reason they have been taking action against accounts that have activity from exchanges.

Hearing this I went on a mini rant about how exchanges have started following KYC and AML regulations, crypto is a technical marvel, blah blah blah, pretty much no different than the shilling that goes on here.

Apparently she was so impressed that she asked for my contact details and now she wants me do to a 15 minute talk + Q&A session with her and her colleagues discussing cryptocurrency. I actually said yes cause I saw an opportunity for a job down the line lol but here lies my problem.

Clearly I know more than her about it but I definitely don’t know enough about crypto to do a detailed talk and feel confident answering questions. I’m only a year 2 finance student IDK jack shit about anything in this industry.

Please help me prepare talking points or show me resources I can use to get a more in depth knowledge on this so I don’t look like a jackass talking about moons and lambos lmfao

tl;dr - Convinced bank I know about crypto (I don’t), now they want me to educate them on it pls help


There is a formal module on udemy on basics like the 4 parts of Cryptocurrency, cryptography, wallets, miners etc etc.
Helped me when I started out! That should get you started and the rest about market activity you’ll get better advice here :+1:t4:


You could BS through 15 minutes and if they don’t know anything yet then you’ll seem real smart to them.


I’m not the OP :zipper_mouth_face: just thought it was a neat story