Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



im waiting till Friday (Hong Kong Time) as well.


@Joe_Murphy this is awesome! Thank you very much.

Would you happen to have a chart that uses BTC instead of USD? Thanks!


@sethlouey It’s not even about the lambo’s or fancy toys. It’s about financial freedom. The ability to not work a 9-5 and wake up whenever you want. To never have a boss again. To simply be free. What a great time it is to be alive.

I’m in.


100% agree with you @GregT. I personally just want financial freedom. Hell, I’d love to pay off mine and my fiancee’s student loans. (what a waste of money that was).


I’ve updated the sheet. On the “selections” tab there is an option to set the primary pair to USD/EUR/GBP or BTC… So make a copy of the latest sheet, set it to BTC, and they you’ll just have to fiddle with the decmial formating a bit.


Couldn’t agree more would be a blessing to be able to pay off all my debt. To a million dollar year laddies and gents!


that would be awesome… i have been thinking about all this and trying to figure out how to best allocate my crypto portfolio… this is a solid plan and i like it a lot. thank you all


Just paid off 2 credit cards this morning. BTW, I don’t believe in CC’s. They were my fiancee’s :rofl::sweat_smile:

Thanks ETH & :vitalik:. Now I’m going to dump the remaining balance into that :btc: to complete my ticket.


Thanks for all of this great info!! As I was thinking about this strategy and going through the google docs and playing around with the numbers. I noticed that if you just do the top 8 coins you get a better return? This is also shown in the graphs included in the HODL Back tester doc. So my question is, why top 10? Why not top 8? Or top 5? If we are just looking at the data then it would be better to do top 8 coins, instead of top 10 coins. Or am I missing something here?


Hi, new user here.

I noticed in the original spreadsheet that on the quarterly rebalancing tab, the 3M value from Q1 is showing the price from EOM April instead of EOM March. I first noticed this when the Q1 ending 3M values didn’t match the starting values for Q2.

When inputting the correct EOM values for March into the sheet, the total value changes from $1.69M to $784k.

This is showing that for 2017, a monthly rebalance performed better than quarterly.



That makes sense considering the past data. I was thinking about doing the same :+1:


Hi Ozzy … how are you going it with… top 10 ot top 20?


This changes everything! Ty for finding out. I will look into it later!


I invested in the last week of december and every thing is up from 30% to 50% since my entry point !! :smiley:

(I didn’t do the top 10 exactly, but replaced some that I didn’t like : BCH, XRP…)


I checked what u said… you are right… the 3m values from q1 to q2 start are different and misleads the results thereby


@sethlouey, I love the work you did here, and it just confirms what I’ve already been doing. (I rebalance multiple times a week in fact, with great results)

To help everyone with their top 10 crypto rebalancing (or any other rebalancing strategy you want to use), I created a spreadsheet tool I have been using for a few months now that makes it pretty easy to do the calculations. The spreadsheet is pretty much automatic, so you can rebalance as frequently as you want.

I shared it in a new thread so that any feedback/comments wouldn’t be buried in the comments on the current thread:


this is awesome. thank you! how do i edit for my own stuff?


I’ll do all of top20 except bitconnect, but I’ll be rebalancing first 10 coins and next 10 coins seperately.


Just click on File --> Make a Copy, then edit as you wish!


thanks, it was lagging but all good.

idk if you are US citizen, but does so much rebalancing concern you bc of the tax situation?