Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



No I did not start this with the group. But I intend to do this in a small way soon. However the plan is to rebalance by adding funds and try to do as little selling as possible.


Great. Any updates for 2018?

Are you selling your entire holding at the top of each month prior to rebalance?


been re balancing quarterly - bought in mid Jan and did my first rebalance last Friday

I had a horrific Dollar loss (60%) but only lost 20% in BTC value

That’s cause instead of trading IOTA as my #10 - (a coin I think has a lot of issues) - I went with the Binance BNB instead - that sucker almost DOUBLED in satoishi value and kept me from totally drowning first quarter - LOL


Should you only re-balance if your portfolio is in the green? I am referring to the Top 10 quarterly re-balance stratergy.


Seeing it in a spread sheet WOwW.
BTC to the MOON ! ! !


The idea of rebalancing is to take emotions out of the game.
That means you rebalance every quarter whether your portfolio is in the green or in the red.

If your porfolio is in the green some of your assets probably have performed better than others and by rebalancing you lock in some of these profits and “balance” it in to the assets which under performed the market during the same quarter, assuming that those that under performed have the potential to perform better during the next quarter.

The same goes if your portfolio is in the red.
You accumulate more of the coins that performed bad and reduce the number of coins that performed well.

If we take an example from my monthly rebalancing - Neo was the biggest loser (-48.18%) and EOS the biggest winner (or the asset that lost the least) (-1.54%) during the month of March. Let´s assume I had 100 Neo and 1500 EOS in March - after rebalancing in April I then have 120 Neo, but only 1100 EOS due to rebalancing - because there is the potential for Neo to rise more than the EOS during the next month.

This is a simplied explanation, but I hope it gives you the idea of the reason behind rebalancing.


Thanks for the answer Monque, it was very clear :slight_smile:


Hello, please help! I just came across this thread and am slightly confused. Why do people keep saying quarterly rebalancing produces the best return when it generates a profit of only $805,316.08, when the monthly rebalancing produces a profit of $1,043,902.48 ?


I believe it is because there was an error in the original calculations of the Monthly rebalancing spreadsheet. This was fixed later on.

See here


Thanks so much, Monque! Do you mind sharing what kind of rebalancing plan you’re using now?


I am on a Monthly rebalancing strategy. Also, I have posted my results for each month in this thread.

Here is the link to the latest results. Click here


May rebalancing was due today and we see some green - finally! :sunglasses:

Summary | Top 10 Performance 95.35%

Neo (April rank 9) dropped out of the Top 10 :disappointed_relieved:
TRON entered the Top 10 for May
Underperfomer of the month = Bitcoin 31,21%
Top performer of the month = EOS 206.54%

Despite gaining almost 100% during the month of April, the Top 10 portfolio is still down by approx. ~ 37,10% overall in 2018 in terms of USD value. Interestingly, the total Satoshi value is 0.01 sat higher compared to when I started in January!

Time for Bitcoin to get :bitcoinwings: and take off :bitrocket: