Rebalancing - Spreadsheet Tool


Thanks for making this available.

Is it possible to add more rows to the Blue 25% Small cap area for those of us doing a Top 15 or 20 portfolio?


I added a new sheet for Top 20. You can replace with any cryptos you want to add/remove, and you can also change the target percentages.

If you want to do top 15, just use the top 20 sheet, and make the last 5 rows 0%. If anyone wants to do more than 20, you are probably nuts…haha :wink: After 10 or 15 it is already becoming a little unmanageable, and also you might see diminishing returns (fees, transfers, etc). Just my opinion.

Back to the original question… I didn’t want to change the Current Holdings template (sheet 1), as I don’t want people to think they should be putting more than 10 small cap in their holdings. However, if you make a copy of the spreadsheet for yourself, it’s easy to add more rows. Just right click on row 17 all the way on the left of chart, and “insert row below”. Then just click on all the cells in the existing row 17 and drag the formula down to your new row (click on the small square at the bottom-right corner of the cell, then drag down to row 18). All of the totals at the bottom of chart should just work once you’ve done this.


Absolutely! Just shoot me a message


Thanks buddy. …


Thanks for sharing Droopy !
There’s a small error though in the “Add or Substract” Ethereum values, you call for the 2nd cell, which did use to be ETH, but is now the price of Ripple :smile:


Great catch! Fixed now. I did that sheet very quickly, so assumed there might be an error somewhere (hopefully no more of them now).


Today was my DCA day for my partially filled rebalancing strategy. So far (besides my HODL’d ICX stack), I’ve got:


Mostly I want to simply pick great projects that I believe in that also have good potential for growth, and to date I’ve put my DCA into the ones that were on sale that day off my list of must-haves. But I still have a few spots to fill out. I’m only going to do 5% each of ETH, LTC (come on Chuck, not cool), and BCH (blech, but ok). So I have to pick 5 more small cap altcoins (and I might trade out DASH for something similar but better). I don’t want shitcoins in the mix because I don’t want to babysit candles for pump and dumps, I just want to finalize my list, get it bought and get to rebalancing.

So question is, what good, solid projects am I missing, and do I care about diversifying across the blockchain ecosystem (currencies, sovereignty, fintech, value exchange, shared data, authenticity, and other)?

I was thinking XMR, POWR, RDN, OMG, looking at WABI, AION, INT, and waiting for ELA, WTC, Bread, Wanchain to hit my exchange. I dunno.

I’ve tried to pay attention to coin reviews here and made notes, but then something comes out later that quashes that (I’m looking at you Chuck. And probably McAfee, you kook). What to do?



Would you rebalance for example today where the market is falling? or would you wait until it’s growing again.


Yes, I would still rebalance. Whether the market is growing or falling shouldn’t matter. What matters is the delta’s are changing between the individual cryptos you are rebalancing between.

Even when the market is falling, there will be some cryptos that fall more than others. Thus, you are still selling high (i.e. selling the cryptos that fell less) and buying low (i.e. selling the cryptos that fell more). It’s the same if you are rebalancing when the market is growing (still selling high and buying low… sell the ones that grew more and buy the ones that grew less).


Hey thanks for doing this. I read through the other huge thread about doing this method. Im struggling to get my head around it as I’m terrible with maths and spreadsheets!

It seems like a lot of work rebalancing so many coins. So you believe it will be much more profitable this year than buying a mix of good projects and holding? Leaving a lot on exchanges and rebalancing often seems like a hassle.

I only got in a month ago, lost a lot of money from rushing in, and I’ve been obsessed researching, learning about everything, and it’s taking over my life. I haven’t played guitar and neglected my family. That’s why I’m super tempted to try a method that leaves the obsession out!

If this brings better returns, why is everyone here not doing it?

Thanks , sorry for the nooby questions

P.s is there a really basic guide to executing this method? In the other thread it seems everyone just know exactly what they’re doing but I’m still confused!


It looks something has changed with the Crypto Allocation (Rebalance Template) from the first post. It looks like that the Current sheet now only pulls in the Top 20. Anyone else noticed the same? I dont think I had this issue last week …

@Droopy any idea what’s going on?