Really profitable?


Awesome… but keep this in mind that their forecast is not right and lacks the increase in difficulty and other factors…

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Yupp thats why i say i give it 2 month or so for the most profitability. Difficulty and the masses that join the mining space will make the reward go down quite a bit. So the sooner people take advantage of these contracts the better. I doubt next 6 month will give as good reward as now.


Hello there maintenance fee is around 20% at the moment, minimum withdrawal is 0.05 bitcoin. I have been with them since December 17 so far so good :slight_smile:

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hmm i thought it was actually 17% but i calculate it to 19% (ish)

Not a huge difference still. One good thing is that they dont send you coin every day like Genesis-mining. I dont want to pay daily fee. Here i can wait and send like 0.1 or even re-invest.

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How are the US citizens here doing your accounting for a reinvestment setup in hashflare? A spreadsheet, website, quickbooks, other? I haven’t been able to find any sort of export option or gains tracker (like ameritrade) section yet in the panel, but have been following the relevant events in the history section of the panel.

So obviously the payouts are taxable events, but each reinvestment should also be recorded to properly determine basis. Given the 24hr payout and reinvestment cycle this is looking like a headache.

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Screenshot from 2018-01-02 20-56-34

Commission for the last 22 days

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Do you keep a spread sheet for your cloud mining contract? How do you incorporate adding power in the middle of your contract on your record keeping?


Hello I’m looking to buying some hash flare could u give me some advice ? Also is it a scam? Thank you

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Hi sparky, i have only been with them a month. Payments have been consistent and no problems with withdrawals.

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I’ve been trying CCG. I can’t recommend them yet, because it hasn’t been long enough, but here’s a link if you want to check them out. They do have contracts in stock, but not all of them are profitable.


I have been using hashflair for a few months, it works pretty well so far.
i have 11TH, but plan on bumping to 50TH.
My reinvestment strategy is reinvest everything for the first 200 days. this should get me the maximum return for a one year contract. after the 200 days pull all profit when you have enough to actually remove, as the system has a min withdrawal of 0.05BTC right now…
I’m thinking of it as a BTC savings account. just set it and forget it!


I really like Hashflare since i get my reward daily and its not like Genesis-mining where the reward goes down in a ridiculous rate.
I dont recommend any cloud mining unless you get a high hashrate. I’m thinking something over 50TH or more. My 100TH has given me 0.012-0.015 in the last 20 days or so. Even if there is no warranty that any of these sites will disappear they have been in business for years so i’m willing to take the risk. You have to decide for yourself.


One thing I would like to point out is if the person’s account that you are looking at gets a lot of referrals they could easily dump that referral bonus into their account to get more mining power so it could be a little deceiving. With that being said I have been using Hashflare since Nov and their estimated yearly return has been pretty stable. I don’t think it’s a silver bullet but if you have a couple hundred bucks to throw at it you might as well.

The nature with all things crypto is to diversify, I wouldn’t recommend putting all your money into Hashflare no matter how good the results are. You never know when they could get hacked, go back on their word and just stop paying out, etc. Any money that isn’t in your wallet (fiat or crypto) isn’t guaranteed.

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I strongly disagree with that. I been mining for 4 months or so and its been doing ok until the dip came along.
Now the fee’s are killing the earning but than again i knew what i was getting into.
Here is a pretty good document with some hard facts.
Its not my document but whoever is doing this (found it on twitter) should get the credit:

and yes sometimes its better to hodle, many times its a gamble to do cloud mining. But i still like it.

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Not so profitable at the moment right? the fees are just crazy, only making $25 a day and $24 of that goes to maintenance fees. So $1 a day lol. I dont think I am buying another contract with them again. Might just get my own rig. But made almost all my money back from it so thats good. and there is 7 more months left for my contract. just hoping bitcoin goes up.

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Yes right now the maintenance eats most of the profit sadly.

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Cannot say if it can really make you some money for sure, but I guess it can be if you know this business and have a strategy of your own.Taking into consideration the fact that these stats and data from hashflare review website are true, then I am positive about it being profitable

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If they were honest they would not terminate the contracts as they did. Atleast they could send me the hardware i paid for. They are all crap.

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Y U only post on genesis mining threads?

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