RavenSky: SURVIVE & HODL (poster art)


Good day Crypto Nation!
This is RavenSky, your PUB patron. I finally found some time to post in the Bazzar. I wanted to thank all of you for your support and positive feedback on my poster art for the PUB.

I took some time deliberating what I should do with my poster art. I’'ve had several queries in the PUB abt purchasing the art work. After looking into this further it was apparent that printing and shipping would end up too costly for most Patrons, especially out side the US.

I’m currently accepting donations rather than charging for my work. This serves two functions for the Pub and The Crypto Nation.

  1. Allows everyone the opportunity to participate regardless the financial status we privately hold, and
    2). Promotes rapid proliferation of the Crypto Nation as a whole.

In conclusion:

1). Each poster art will be uniquely serial numbered in sequential order giving some intrinsic value and hopfully dissuade the receiver from reposting, sharing or reselling the original full res. .tif file to the gen pop.
2). I will send you a copy of the original image in its highest quality allowing you the opportunity to print it out on what ever medium you choose.
3). The file will be sent through encrypted Firefox Send and will expire after 24 hours or after the first download.
4). I’ll will accept a donation for my time invested. You will determine its value of donation. If you can’t afford to donate, this will not disqualify you from receiving the image. It will still be sent to you with its unique serial number.

For example:
Peter’s serial number looks like this: 52%20PM

Yours will look like this:38%20PM

And next in line will look like this: 04%20PM

If you should decide to share or post the full res image online for the gen pop then your potentially forfeiting your claim to the your original print. This, I will let you decide its fate. I’m not saying this will be worth something in the future, it may in this emerging crypto economy, but who knows.
It’s not out of the realm of possibility that they will be registered to the blockchain
at some point, I would like to do this.

If you are interested please DM me. I believe this is the Bazzar protocol.

I’ll be accepting BTC, LTC, DOGE, and all of our DCA coins listed in the PUB. Will also accept PayPal if you don’t want to part with your cryptos lol!
Please no shit coins, pardon the pun. We shouldn’t be dealing with crap coins in the PUB anyway imo.

For now only V2 HODL and V3 SURVIVE are available for donations. V4 through V7 are currently being edited for final review and will be shipped to Peter for Mail Time on live steam. They will be available to the Pubbers shortly after.

Original Canvas sizes are as follows:
V2 HODL: 21X14 in

V3 SURVIVE: 36X26 in

Potential printing costs:
Original posters sent to Peter were ‘matte’ printed on light weight foam board and plastic wrapped for extra protection. If you go to your local printing or office supply store they will know what your talking abt. You can also have them printed on canvas as some locations but this will be more expensive. You can have them custom printed and reduce the original size if this suits your needs.

V2 foam board and wrap printing cost me abt $40 at Staples.
V3 foam board and wrap printing cost me abt $75 at Staples.

Just to give you an idea of printing costs.

Thank you again for all your support. This community is a blessing to all of us. I wish you the best in your investments and I hope to see you all on the Moon!




I love these!! Would you want to show any of your work at our Decentralized Art Shows and 3D matterport gallery??

Shipping Options - BlockFreight

You can consider a big watermark in all of your sample images. There must be a way to limit the right to see a full res image based on a PUB user profile.

And start a timer to clock the exact minutes before Alibaba starts selling the counterfeits… :timer_clock:


Im at a wedding today so I will get back with Ms Boss Lady : )[quote=“itsmee.bosslady, post:2, topic:32818, full:true”]
I love these!! Would you want to show any of your work at our Decentralized Art Shows and 3D matterport gallery??



These are just screen shots David, they distort when they blow up. Full res images have not been distributed yet.


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