RAVEN Coin Mining Are You In?



There is a Ravencoin conference on may the 6th. Speakers include Bruce Fenton and overstock CEO Patric Byrne


Meetup in Salt Lake City, Utah where Tron Black and Bruce Fenton speak on Ravencoin. Q&A with Tron Black. May 7th


I’ve been mining raven for about a week now and am averaging 300+ per day. Really liking the payout on a coin with potential.


Ethos and Raven are doing a partnership :grin::muscle::raised_hands:


There is an official Ravencoin thread, could you post in there too as I see you keep posting good stuff.


i would like to know more about this partnership


I can’t seem to find anything about this. Do tell…


as a pre-registered Ethos wallet client I received an email that Raven will be airdropping to Ethos wallet holders when they download the app and create a RVN wallet. There are several coins that are doing the same thing.


Do you have any numbers please mate?