Randomly lost neo?


i had 16neo in my wallet this morning and just suddenly it disappeared? i believe it happened just as i claimed gas. the transaction is not appearing on the antchain either : http://antcha.in/tx/hash/0a97eda70b599ede07be92d52b67fedb3c439b61f252672428bc1a0209df7aaa
any help would be appreciated thanks :smiley:


Same thing happened to me! apparently they updated the database. Try restarting and see what happens but it should be fixed by now.


nope still missing



clicking on that transaction links me to this too


your wallet address still has the Neo in there though, so you should be fine :slight_smile: just give it a bit of time.


Try restarting NEON a few times if you haven’t already.


okay thanks so much :smiley: restarted many times but just gonna wait a little while then


Your NEO is still intact. When you claim GAS, you send your NEO to yourself. You can see in the transaction that this occurred. The issue is that your wallet is not syncing correctly. Also, NEON wallet is currently doing some API maintenance that is affecting that I believe. Just check back tomorrow. It should resolve itself


Hi. My problems seem small by comparison.
I sent 1 NEO with the intention of buying DBC the coins haven’t arrived in my wallet and the transaction is showing an invocation, I’m sure that means a lot more to you than me. Will I ever see my NEO or DBC coin again and if so, either would be great. Hope you can sort this out for me, I love the innovation and am willing to invest but things such as these make me realise how fragile it all is.
Hope you can help me out with this.

The transaction hash is:

Good luck with the project.


To the Hacker AHk7t8cKGDM2sARMFUw7F5zjPdqNCbnnjj

If you are seeing this please give me back my Tokens im begging you… :sob:i am poor and thats all i have… I am new to crypto and i saved money just to buy 3 neos to participate to token sale hoping that it could make my shitty life a little bit better, please im begging you i need it so much. That is my only hope and you took it away from me. Please from the bottom of my heart im begging you i hope you see this. This is my wallet that you’ve stolen from




I dont think your hacker is here man


Sorry im just trying and hoping that he see this…