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Why Trade?

The world runs on markets. Buying a house, saving for your retirement, living abroad, you’ll be exposed to markets.

Experiencing how markets work is a modern day life-skill.

When learning to trade, your goal is to maximise the amount of lessons per dollar you lose.




It allows you to capture the gains of the market.

Trading lets you beat it.

In that zero-sum game, 10% of participants win, 90% lose.

Are your skills are in the top 10%? If not and you’re winning, it’s due to luck.

Luck statistically degrades over time.




And…said in a different way…It does not decrease based on someone else’s lower estimate of your value.


Make trolling your practice; troll others, troll yourself.

To slash tangentially through blind dogma;

To raise yourself out of the unctuous film of groupthink;

To reject cowardice and poke the bear, only to test your antifragility;

Make this the object of your Hero’s Journey.







Hard to add value if you don’t have:

  1. Peace of mind.
  2. Health.
  3. Strong relationships you can fall back on when shit gets crazy.
  4. Time to pursue your interests.

First things first.


Psychology of Motivation

Peter mentioned it in the DCTV this morning.

Here is a popular, easy to read article.

The Psychology of Momentum: 5 Steps to Get Yourself Out Of A Mental Rut

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Start small, build, keep at it, celebrate the small successes.
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Here is some psychological research on this topic.

Consequently, an overall performance consists of occurrences of momentum that vary in frequency and duration. The higher the frequency and the higher the duration, the more likely is success. Research suggests that the main psychological processes that underpin momentum effects are confidence, perceived competence, and internal (ability-skill) attributions. Based upon related research, it is hypothesized that PM starts as a conscious process but subsequently becomes a major facilitator of nonconscious automatic execution of human behavior and performance.



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