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“Not every ICO is bad, but every bad company has an ICO.

In the dotcom era every business put dotcom and raised insane valuations. But the dumb thing wasn’t investing in the scam, it was ignoring the opportunity of the internet because there were some stupid people in it.”

Booyyy does this statement put everything into perspective, and if anything is the most motivational for
Me in this industry.






‏ @ woonomic

My wallet fell on the concrete yesterday and I though about how archaic it was to have a sack made from the skin of a dead animal carrying a bunch of paper and metal and even magnetised plastic in order to conduct trade.And by the way, in the sack was paper and metal of many shapes, colours and sizes. These had pictures of old people on it. They apparently were in charge of making sure there were lines on a map so their particular bits of paper was worth something.


Liad Shababo ‏ @ L1AD

You know the cameras in public places like airports which have the CCTV cameras with the LEDs spinning around the outside. Always wondered what the LEDs were for. Now I realise they’re to pique your interest and attract your eye contact so the CCTV gets a full face ID photo.



Chris Burniske

A prolonged bear market is the best thing # crypto could’ve asked for to expose projects that never planned to deliver in the first place.

The fumes of exchange listings, prominent partnerships, and events + conference appearances will only carry a # cryptonetwork so far.














Quote of the day today comes from a friend of mine. He made a rule… nothing negative & at least one thing positive. He has done this every day on fb for over a year. (He’s a builder)




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