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Start every day with a positive thought! And this song! https://youtu.be/RbWQV3OiRqAimage



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Good Monday morning! Time to rise and grind! image


Rhinoceros success by Scott Alexander. If you haven’t read it, you should. I think I will again! image


Good Wednesday morning! Look for the good in the world today! image


Be. Don’t try to become. Within these two words, be and becoming, your whole life is contained. Being is enlightenment, becoming is ignorance.



loving this thread, so much goodness above!

i wrote this to my godson for his first birthday.

Congratulations! you survived your first year and its your very first birthday! its not all easy going with baby bottles and swaddles from here kid. Things will get complicated. You will have to learn how to walk, talk, spell, count, recognize and recite colors, animals, shapes, nursery rhymes, and eventually potty training! (that might get messy) I know, I know, so much to do, with so little time, only one more year until you’re twice as old! Remember, we are the sum total of all our decisions, so make great use of your time, its truly your most valuable resource! Be willing to fall or fail over and over again until you can crawl, walk, run, and eventually sprint! all things will come in good time so learn how to slow down, enjoy the process while doing your best and trust that results will be fair. Beckett… WE NEVER LOSE, okay? we WIN, or we LEARN and regardless of result, we have fun! You get one body in life, be good to it. that means floss and eat your veggies! learn to love them too! they (and life) are delicious! You are going to have to learn how to SHARE this year. Its not easy… but eventually, you will learn that to give, is to gain! so do it when you are fortunate enough to. Your mom and dad come from two great families and are two of the kindest people I am fortunate enough to know! so represent your parents well by living a life filled with happiness and love. Your father was there for me most of my life, and so I will always be here for you. Choose your friends wisely Beckett, they may have a great impact on your life someday. enough from me, advice is just a form of nostalgia anyways. so Its your life to live kid! the world is yours… enjoy and make the most of every moment! Happy Birthday B!

-Uncle Phill


So beautifully written. My grandson turned 1 yesterday. :slight_smile:


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Good Sunday morning!


Good Monday morning! Don’t be scared of what work may look like!


Don’t wait. Work!