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Your job requires you to be on the ball at all times. Really am in awe of people like that.
I agree with your sentiments, above.

I write often about our thoughts not being ‘who’ we are. It’s a powerful thing to learn.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, part of my job is actually having them experience this.

I’m having a great day, thank you.


I did have a stalk on your profile LMAO, and noticed your job role. I do psychotherapy ranging from CBT, DBT and person-centred exposure to humanistic analysis and psycho-somatoform holistic approaches.

Hypnotherapy is something we don’t really offer on the national health service, but in private health care it is used more and more. It actually ties in nicely with something called NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming.

Oh that is good; do you guys over there have a Sunday Roast lmao?


Oh yes, I’ve taken NLP, I believe it was back in 2006.
Yes, most people here are huge beef & pork eaters.
I’ve vegan, so no Sunday roast for me. :smile:


I deliberately chose non-confirmative ways of therapy. I didn’t want to work in a controlled environment. I’m too non-conformative :rofl:
However, I do see a psychotherapist from time to time, as well. Essential for my well being. :sunglasses:


I noticed you was a vegan. I think a lot of people misunderstand the ideology surrounding the morality and ethical dilemma in consuming meat. I respect everyone’s preference, which is why I can make the most amaaaazing Lentil and sweet potato nut roast!

Non-conformity in relation to psychological intervention has the BEST efficacy! As a qualified psychotherapist and talking counsellor, I learned that reading from a text box and applying it to clients/patients is not beneficial. A one size fits all does not work! I tend to amalgamate so many different types of approaches depending on the person, level of mental and physical well-being, past history, goals, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the person!

No one fits into a single category.

And to consolidate, I have always said this to mental health sufferers; ‘It takes a damaged person, to fix a damaged person’ -


I’m of a more libertarian mind - so I don’t lecture anyone on eating meat. It’s just my personal choice.
I appreciate your open-mindedness regarding therapy. One day I’ll come and try your dish. :nerd_face:

My clients come to me bc they know I work with the super conscious part of the soul. I actually don’t work alone. I work with spirit guides, my clients meet theirs and have the opportunity to see them etc. It sounds crazy, perhaps it is. :grin: Something that is not allowed within our health care system providers.

Oh and I love what you tell them, regarding wounded souls.


I am a massive activist although I never coerce anyone into an opinion or division, but I love raising awareness of preferential choice, inequality, oppression and the unknown. So many women look at me gone out when I celebrate International Women’s Day of March every year. Good feelings!

So that is not crazy at all! So my partner used to be devoted Christian, and still is in some aspects, but then she opened up her mind the world, nature, grounding, free-thinking and philosophy. This led to her exploring Wicca, and then adopting it as her faith. So she does a lot of healing for me with spirit guides, healing crystals, natural herbs and scents, tarot cards and being at one with all religions.

I remember one day she said to me, as people, we are like trees with roots that interweave, but over the seasons the leaves shed, and go through the cycle of regeneration. She said the forest has a ‘keeper’ which maintains the health of trees, and the ‘keeper’ is ‘US’, all of us. That hit me hard.

I have always found with the american health system, in particular mental health, too much is assigned to medical categorisation and labelling. I am the least non-pc manager within my organisation, but I see more quality of life with this approach! :slight_smile:


Wow… just wow! You both sound like people I’d love to sit & have coffee with.
I’m off to wash my @Terence 's hair & back for him.
I made a bubble bath, candles & soft piano music for him to relax to. I’ve raised my babies so now he is mine. :wink:


I know right, it would be a fulfilling and powerful interaction :slight_smile:

@Terence enjoy your therapy my brother, you have a true healer!

Enjoy your time :slight_smile:




Am a sucker for beef. I tried not eating meat for a brief period but didn’t work out. However, I don’t like seafood. Primarily, I don’t like fish, the taste, smell, sight irritates me. As far as I can remember, the aversion for fish came after a brief illness as a child.

Nowadays, I eat more of chicken since I need to live ‘healthy’. Also, I never liked the taste of pig / pork


I hope you don’t feel judgement from me at all. I’m happy go lucky with everyone. We’re all on our own path, respecting that is paramount. Just enjoy to the max what you’re eating :grin:
Thank you so much for sharing.


Even though we have never met, he’s been reading my quotes for a long time. We’ve become good friends.
Just as I am beginning to build with many of you.


Being honest :wink:




If you put the time and effort into tending your own garden…it will produce more than any as far as the eye can see! It’s all about putting in the work. I agree.


Thank you for your comment. :woman_astronaut:t2:
I hope you had a really good day :slight_smile:


Great day here and hope yours was also. Just spent it catching up on news and wondering around in the PUB. Getting prepared for my 7 day tour back to work…to make more money to invest.