Question regarding status on Tax


I hope someone can enlighten me since this is the first time I’ve experienced this.

Normally when I do my taxes. My status would be changed to “Approve” within a month after submitting my taxes.

Now this year is different since I sold my dogecoin last year and bought some BTC. So instead of getting refund, I was charged to pay a certain amount to the state and federal. The status has been “Accepted” but never changed to “Approved”. :thinking:

So I’m confused if the status supposed to change to “Approve”. It’s been already 2 months now and I still see it as “Accepted”.

Does anybody know an answer? :sweat_smile:


Use the google search:

irs return accepted but not approved

to get a listing of what that could mean.


Thanks for the reply.

I actually did this but it got me more confused cause the result usually asking about refunds.

But in my case, there’s no refund so I wasn’t sure if it still applies to me. :sweat_smile:

Sorry if I’m not explaining well.


If it’s accepted it passed the basic screening - dependents / social security #'s / Names. That kind of thing.

Don’t know about the next indicator. I’d not be concerned though.


Ah I see.

So I guess. I’ll see and wait a bit longer.

Thanks. @Peter_Rehm :+1: