Pundi X anyone?


Hi guys,

much is being talked about basic blockchain infrastructure and i wonder what the fellas think of Pundi X.

I wondered also why it isn’t listed on CoinPuffs as it is a top 100 on CMC…

Peter would you make a review on it?

Cheers bros!!!


I got into PundiX ICO thanks to Ryan Ly LOL. I just HODL it.


Seems like a cool idea. It’s stemming from the South Asia (Not sure) so I’m not sure how popular it is. Still an early start-up so approach with caution.


I recently sold 90% of my position in Pundix market cap has nearly 10x in a week. It was under ICO price for ages and when a crypto rallies that hard i personally think its sensible to take profits.




Just because I had a ‘what if’ :question: moment in my thought process :brain: I picked up 36,000 of these tonight. :dragon_face: I’ll let it sit for :spiral_calendar: sometime and check in on it. :cowboy_hat_face:

I like the thought behind the product. Time will tell. :mantelpiece_clock:

::NOT a recommendation to buy:: :mag_right: Do your own research!


One of my incentives to HODL :face_with_monocle:


I :heart: days like these! Last night when Pundi X was down 20% :chart_with_downwards_trend: my “Not on a major exchange” & “Pays 7% Monthly Dividend” for HODLers :alarm_clock: sounded off. :bomb: :boom: Doubled the position. :chart:

Not Recommended for the week at heart

That said #BTFD #welcometothefuckingshow :cowboy_hat_face: Cowboy Up! I’m sure this is not the last down day we will see in May. :peace_symbol: