Private/Presale ICO Investing Pool - Join here!



hello limes, i am a bit late to the party, but can i participate in videocoin pool?


That closed other day.


I’ve only just seen this - but you can count me in.

What presales are you looking at right now?


ill have some of this. What a great idea


Yeah Limes is cool. Been thru it. It’s great.


what exchanges list the new coin before anyone else? i heard that there are a few small exchanges which list coins soon after their icos.


They have extended their private sale though, I registrd today, waiting for the email which will tell all the details.


How can I join the discord? Do I have to sign up at Become Patreon? ( I tried to join and sign up but it doesn’t get through?


Hey guys we are currently pledging for Lightstreams , closing today. Join up to check it out. :v:


quite interesting… guys like gary vee speak about audio being the next big thing… a short from his online post said that There was roughly 1.5X more audio consumed than video according to Nielsen statistics on streaming in 2016…and 1 in every 5 searches are done with voice and this is growing… thats why everyone is encouraged to do a podcast… besides for that alexa changed the game with voice ordering of products… dont think video will dissapear though


Yesss Limes, I will certainly be going with you Sir even though am new to these game with limited funds I believe in what you are doing.

With Utmost Regards.


I missed Beazant. I pledged for Lightstreams not missing out on a chance for quick flip.
You see limes am learning a lot from the Galaxy threads, you and the other admins.
We are certainly going to the moon!!


Thanks, were on our way to the moon for sure.


Almost every ICO coming out is centralized. Only a few companies are actually intended for decentralization and they still have to be centralized in the beginning to make the platform work. You probably already know this, Im reading this thread way late in the game. According to vetted ICO investors ive been following, 50% total supply lock up for investors and operations is abt standard now. I dont think its something to be concerned abt. Again, this is probably old info for you, but I thought I’d chime in to solidify the general sentement.


I totally agree, it is concerning because they make all kind of claims in white papers. I’m not saying they won’t make people good returns but this is why I try to stay away from them unless they have some very unique feature or maket. Being so centralised is also a security and legal flaw that can be targeted.

This is why I’m so bullish on BTC and Ravencoin long term. They tick all the boxes.


Hey guys, make sure you guys sign up to the whitelist for the group if you havent already, closing May 22nd. Cheers


Hello everyone just a reminder in 5 days the group will be much harder to join and will be application only.

So if you haven’t joined already make sure you do and make sure you fill the whitelist to stay in, Thanks.


4 Days left :flushed::running_man:


In b4 the lock. . . .


Nice 2 days left everyone, then the doors will be closed!!! :flushed: