Private/Presale ICO Investing Pool - Join here!



I am having a phone meeting with the president next week to discuss the details

I want to engage the the interest level for possible pool tonfold that’s into the discussion

Let me know


Say hi to Trump for me! :joy:

Yeah cool let me know. :+1:


Limes do you have any questions for the president of chia? How does galaxy pool work anyways I joined and I want to do the videocoin ico but did t find any info what is the feee and how is distribution of funds work. How much were the pool last investment that galaxy pool did?


Hey Keys, no specific questions. Check pinned message in the group all the info is in there.


Also @Keys whats your telegram handle cant find you :joy:


Drkeys. :slight_smile: 20chars bleh


Nice i just tagged you in the group! :smiley:


Hello People Old and New!

We are currently pledging for Origin Protocol!

Come and say Hi :point_down: :muscle:


Great turnout as far as pledges go for Origin Protocol! we will be hearing more on the terms in the near future. We are also currently Pledging for MF Chain so if you are interested in that or any upcoming ICO please come join the group and take a look.

If you have an upcoming ICO you would like to recommend for us to try to get a pool please join up and fill out our request form and we will do out best!


Would it be possible to set up a pool for the Bezant ico? Whitelist starts already in 2 days, lots of interest here in the pub. 1000 USD min investment is little bit high for some of us though.


Hi can anyone tell me the cost of fees when depositing funds into the pub pool on primablock?


We are currently looking at Bezant it has been submitted and once weve had a look I will ask regarding the Private sale deal. I know alot of people have been asking me for this one.


Hey Clarky! all fees for primablock are in the telegram group :slight_smile:


Also guys Pledging for MF Chain is currently live. All Star Lead Dev, Masternodes, Privacy coin with ZK-Snarks, Unsold tokens will be burnt, Atomic Swaps and they already have an MVP.

You can pledge your amount for the Private sale in the group. Cheers :rocket:


Also we have a 70% bonus from the Crowdsale price for MFchain :money_mouth_face:


Ok great! Only 1 day left for KYC whitelist man.


yeah mate all over it :muscle: :money_mouth_face:


Hi Guys, pledging is closing in 24 hours for Modern Finance Chain Private sale. Cheers :rocket:


Will you be doing Bezant ico ?


Private sale is already over for Bezant so wont be doing a Bezant pool, only presale from here on out and i believe the minimum is only 1.5 eth approx. :wink: