Private/Presale ICO Investing Pool - Join here!



I just DM’d you :slight_smile: !


hey folks, the Telegram must be down after Limes web, i haven’t been able to get in since… anybody know why…


Telegram isnt down, maybe try again. could be your connection


Is there a pub pool for the bluewhale ico?

I am in the states and cannot participate.


Here’s where we’re at.

if you would like to vote:


I havent done enough research on the project yet. couple have asked, will look into it.


Just So everyone knows we are currently pooling for Open Platform in the group, with the biggest private sale bonus available. :slight_smile:


So everyone knows, we now have a presale pool for Unibright which is currently live in the group. :slight_smile:


The group is really top notch. I give Limes props for what he has done for us so far. We have scored some pretty killer deals.


I agreed with you 100%


most people outside of the pub will sell, since they are insecure and scared and they dont have that support system. :wink: good for us thoe


If anyone is looking to invest in upcoming ICO presales, then definitely come join us in the Galaxy pool on Telegram

Limes has negotiated some great deals for us so far, we’ve successfully completed four pools, all the details are in the pinned message in the Telegram group. Its Pub members mainly, admins keep it spam free…


Agreed with Manga,

I participated in their Eden Chain purchase with @limes
, we got a great deal relative to the ICO participants. In this mini bear market we are currently in, if your doing ICOs you want any advantage you can get :ok_hand:


Thanks ! Plenty more deals to come! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys

I have just joined the Presale ICO investment pool from the link here on the pub.
Thanks to Limes for helping me settle in & looking forward to getting into some great presales.



Nice, good to have you in the group! :v:


Were at 500 members strong in the group!
Join above.


Guys who is interested in investing in CHIA? It is the new crypto by bram Cohen the inventor of BitTorrent that uses proof of space decentralized mining

I am an accredit investor going on the private funding wondering if you guys want to invest before the public sale likely around the summer please let me know if you are interested


Nice, if you know someone from the company get them to DM me on telegram and ill have a chat they can use our google form.


Awesome to find other minded like peeps.
Now, to the moon and beyond.