Private/Presale ICO Investing Pool - Join here!



Bezant ICO think alot of us in here are getting in on this one, team behind them are also working on icon and for the loop. Are you getting in on sentinel protocol? If so, will you be doing a pool for that?


Hey Leo, Yeah I’ve seen everyone getting excited about Bezant, nice team.
Not doing a pool for sentinel protocol.

We Currently have deals/pledging for

Modern Finance Chain
Origin Protocol

Also info is within the group.


Just had a look at benzant to see if it was a good opportunity, did you know it’s a centralised company? Plus they are keeping 50% of the total supply?


@limes would anyone in your pool be willing to do a small pool for the pub us residents?


Every project apart from Bitcoin is basically centralised… plus they can print their own tokens.

A lot of projects keep a big chunk of their own coins for various reasons but usually around 10% to 20% for themselves.


Exactly so why write in the white paper decentralised and open source? There are a handful of decentralised coins, mainly PoW coins that were not instamined.

I understsnd why pooling together is profitable, getting access to a presale that requires a certain amount of capital and a presale bonus, it makes sense but I read all those white papers and in my opinion each is a piece of shit that need to be dumped when hit exchanges. In my opinion the quicker ICO’s are regulated the better for the entire cryptomarket.


Modern Finance Chain & Videocoin Private Sale Pools are now Live in the Group! :rocket:


haha I swear half the pub have asked me this. I wasnt going to do a pool because the minimum was so low. But you guys want a pool because you cant even get in right? + @Leo_Beal


For me the buy in is just too high mate! A pool would be awesome. :slight_smile:


Yes I believe a lot of pub members can’t participate not anything else.


Hey Guys we have a videocoin private sale deal live for another 24hours.

Checkout Peters video here

And dont forget to join the group to get in on the deal. Cheers


Its not too late for you to invest in your first ICO @peter :money_mouth_face: :joy::rofl::man_astronaut:


Just found this thread and am interested in pre sales and pooling.

Am new here and also for the benefit of other newbies, how exactly does the pooling work?



Modern Finance Chain is now Live.


Hey mate, PM’d you in the group. message asap when you go online :slight_smile:


Tremendous showing by @limes. Cheers! :raised_hands:


Hey @limes have you looked much into how to invest into Chia? I’ve never done an IPO before.not sure if this Investing group would cater for this one or not?


Its something were looking at currently. But IF it happens it will be for a very small group of people likely people I know and trust from the Pub. Not a regular pool style


Yeh that is fair enough. thanks for all the work you put in for this pool. fantastic job.


Thanks mate, I think its likely we’re taking alot of people to the moon.

Interesting? Upcoming ICO with Icon (ICX) people and bithumb co-founder - Bezant