Private/Presale ICO Investing Pool - Join here!



Anyone else who is Interested in joining the presale pool please vote above, Cheers.


Hi Limes, yeah in Sydney :slight_smile:


would be great to organise a local meetup of Crypto enthusiasts! :+1:


Yeah mate, its another job im currently working on. Im living in Townsville at the moment but me and the missis are moving back to the Gold Coast at the end of the year. Totally need to organise a meetup. I really only talk to people online.


Also I do FiFo work so next time im in Sydney ill let everyone know and we can have a drink!


Uk over here. Should set a meeting somewhere sunny by a beach because the weathers depressing like the current market dip lol. Tis but a scratch :rofl:


I’m based in Parramatta, but the goal is to build up my Crypto biz so I can work from home and spend more time with kids.


I dreamed of driving your land rover last night. will it be possible?


When you make it in Crypto, you can move down to Oz for a meetup! :slight_smile:


Interesting, we’ll have to chat! So you are starting a Crypto Business?


That’s what i’m calling it… investing in ICO’s trying to get into pre-sales and private sales. Probably the same thing everyone here is doing. I see it as a very viable business and it’s a great time to get involved. Just trying to bring my business acumen into it.


Would love to get down and chat, compare notes and research, etc. :grinning:


What makes you think im not a :whale2:. Lol Not really :tropical_fish: more like that :rofl:. Oz would be lovely but id have to watch out for the “crikey shes a 12 footer” thats my steve irwin impression rip. You never no maybe one day we can share a fosters :+1:t4:


Never heard of anyone drinking a fosters here! Maybe XXXX GOLD if you’re a tradie or farmer! hahaha


Damn bristish tv ads lol


a pool sounds good - wave of the future


Thanks mate! :point_up:


Guys be sure to Vote yes above to receive an invite to the Pool we have started.



You can join the Presale group here guys! :slight_smile:


Voting yes! Awesome idea!