Private/Presale ICO Investing Pool - Join here!



Yeah the idea is to let most people into the pool rather than just a couple of whales.

Yeah Seele has alot of FUD and was hacked.


Im in. Whats the max can we put in?


Awesome mate! The maximum will be 25 ETH to allow as many people as possible to participate.


Whats the date? and when? so I can prepare dude. Dont say tomorrow LOL.


Well, its looking like we have some decent interest so far. There is not a fixed date as of now, the group/pool will be ongoing so now crazy rush, however I will leave the voting open for the next 24hours to get to see more numbers and then over the next couple of days I will organise the group and send invites. stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Okay cool. Thanks @limes


Yes. What we are building will allow you to do everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Even become your own ‘whale’!


May I suggest that we start with Discord? Much organized and professional. :slight_smile:


We have one. On


Wow amazing Peter, can’t wait…


With a coin that can be utilized for decision making of the “whale”? :scream:


No rush but just curious whats the ETA?


Is there a coin pool for patron?


I’ve been looking around for a pool like this for ages. Let’s make it happen people!


Will be good to have another fellow aussie on board!


I’m guessing you’re from Sydney right ?


ETA? - We’re gearing up right now.
@kimedt7 - No coin just yet. We’re getting there.

Part of the experiment of sorts with the Pub is seeing who will be around by the time we launch these projects. … It’ll be interesting to see.


Well @peter if you can’t get your shit together within 10yrs am out :fist:


Lol! It’ll be before then. For sure.
I hope this year we’ll be churning out some of the best apps the crypto-space has ever seen…


Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got planned :ok_hand: