Private/Presale ICO Investing Pool - Join here!



Hello Everyone,

We have already successfully completed 3 pools in this group!

Join here! :point_down:

  • Yes - I would like to join a private/presale pool.
  • No - I’m not interested in a private/presale pool.

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Presage purchase help
Interesting? Upcoming ICO with Icon (ICX) people and bithumb co-founder - Bezant
Looking for info on how to start a small private ico pool between friends
Finding out new listings on binance

Y’all can do these. No problem! Set up a private DM.
In the near future you won’t need to do this, as we’ll be building it for you :slight_smile:


Nice Peter, thanks for the input. So you mean you are building a platform in which this style of pooling can be executed or something else? :slight_smile: cheers :ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve been thinking about building an app powered by smart contracts that allows people to join into private ICOs. It would be all anonymous and the token distribution would be programmed into the smart contract.


Nice, that would be good.

Also here is the AMA with the team at Prima Block if anyone is interested.


Awesome news @peter. I am going to wait till peter and team to setup a presale pool to invest in my first ICO.


By “team” you mean @john and their legion of cyborg clones from the future


Hahaha, yeah they have many projects on the go now!


Can there be few trusted people to rate the ICO presales from the group? of course we have to do our own research but would it be possible to have some rating from expierenced, trusted, wise people from the group as a reference.


You’ve basically hit the nail on the head mate. Between the group research, voting as a group on upcoming pools, spreadsheets, personal research, youtube AMA’s with teams from established youtubers such as peter and others. Also another element will be the negotiated deals with projects once the group matures in size.

More details to come as we establish the group.




Haha too good. thanks :wink:


This would be amazing!


Sadly i don’t have any experiance with Smart Control development! Does anyone else want to take the challenge? @john :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, yeah this is why I am going to use Primablock because its tried and tested and when the founders started they also had a hackathon to backtest as well. :slight_smile:


count me on :beetconnect::beetconnect:


Currently 22 people have registered their interest in the pool guys, lets keep the ball rolling!

Make sure you register your interest at the top of this thread! :slight_smile:



What would be the minimum ETH to use for such a pool? ICO’s are getting harder to get into nowadays.

Darcy C


The minimum will be 0.5 ETH


That’s low! following this thread - So glad I didn’t get in on the Seele ICO like what Supppoman suggested :confused:

Darcy C