PREDICTION - Bitcoin about to increase 120% to 568% - Based on 2 Years of RSI Data! (Screenshots included)



I was looking at the 1 Day RSI with the Bitcoin Chart on TradingView, and noticed that Bitcoin has NEVER crossed the Lower RSI without proceeding with at least a 120% gain in the following ~48 to 90 days. Call me crazy, but this is ABOUT TO HAPPEN AGAIN.
I know, I’m a bull, but this is historical data and I’m going to believe it as long as it stays true to the charts.
Here are the pictures, please ask questions if you have any.

August 25th, 2015 --> August 2nd, 2016

August 2nd, 2016 --> September 1st, 2017

September 1st, 2017 --> February 11th, 2018 (that’s today for you noobs)

I hope this post was helpful and exciting and encouraging! I was so excited to see this trend that I just had to share, and I was very pleased by what I discovered.
History repeats itself guys. We all believe in bitcoin, that’s why we all are in the pub.

I’m looking forward to see how this plays out. Let me know what you’re thoughts, ideas and questions are!


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@Rafson Hold your bitcoin, hold it to the moon, hold it until your hands decompose and your underpants explode. :rocket:


Lol i love it. Alts seem to follow BTC so i guess it applies aswell :slight_smile:


Very Interesting! Lets hope it plays out :grin:


For some added validity and verification, I made a post about this a few days ago to help back up your statement.


Great minds think alike :wink: wow you beat me to the punch! That’s so cool!!! :bitrocket: :mooning:


Another cool thing is that each of those RSI crosses was a gain of over 100% which totally blows my mind


There’s also a golden cross that happened, but we need to wait a week or two to verify if it’s valid. Things are looking good for day traders at the moment though.


Can you simplify golden cross for noobs?


The golden cross is when the short term moving average is traveling under the long term moving average, then slopes upwards and crosses the long term MA at an upward angle. It’s an indication that the value of the stock is usually about to increase for a while.


When the short term moving average (usually blue line) crosses the long term moving average (usually a yellow/gold line) in a sharp manner. There isn’t enough data to verify if the golden cross is valid (it’s flattening instead of a sharp upwards movement as of this post) which is why I said wait a week or two. Activate the MACD on TradingView to see it. Also, Peter went over this in a video about verifying trends.



On the contrary, Ismo. When multiple investors recognize patterns and trends, those trends tend to prove to repeat more and more often for the same reason you just mentioned above; I think you just got it backwards. If investors see that the market has proven to make a move consistently over a long term, they will enter into what is called a “long” position. A long position is a long term, lower risk investment to make, that will prove to have much higher gains than a short-term, higher-risk investment. When many investors enter the market in a long position at the beginning of a long-term cycle, you will see a market increase. Similarly, when investors have seen the completion of this long term cycle, many of the investors will pull their funds out, resulting in a market decrease. This is the same reason that market drops happen at a rate that is exponentially faster. I hope this clarifies things for you! Please comment any thoughts if you disagree or are confused.


@Kamura @billyrayvalentine


@HarryvdV check this out brotha.


Interesting! sdf adsf adf


By the way, you said ICX depends largely on the movement of bitcoin. Do you think that it will go up with bitcoin, or down?


From what I have noticed ICX moves faster in whichever way BTC is going.


I saw an eagle clutching a serpent and flying toward the moon today. We all know it means bitcoin will moon.

I like tge positivity but as they say in the financial world. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Cool data.


Isn’t all TA using past performance to predict future performance?