Please Help with Litecoin passphrase issue


Hi @bitvadol

I am also facing trouble with Litecoin core wallet which I have installed in my mac after the nicehash saga.

I have saved my pass phrase separately.

I have 2.1 litecoins in that wallet which I had mined over a month using L3+.

Now I want to send this coin to someone but the passphrase is not accepted by the wallet.

Can you kindly help me in recovering the Litecoins ?



Public update of the situation with @keebler.
Replied, said that he doesn’t have the wallet.dat. Therefore, impossible to retrieve the coins. Sad. :disappointed_relieved:

Public updates on the situation with @sushjeet.
DM’d. Asked for the necessary details. Asked to send all the info to me.


Public update on the situation with @sushjeet:
Replied, gave me all the info. Currently at the stage of discussing the issue. Requested additional details. Working on it.


This is the best support I received @bitvadol.

Thanks for asking me to recreate everything I did to setup the Litecoin Core wallet.

Once I went through the steps, I tried to put in the regular passwords/phrases I use, without success.

But I did put one phrase, which I suddenly remembered while recreating the events.

And now my wallet is unlocked and working fine.

Thanks a zillion @bitvadol.


You are very welcome, @sushjeet!

Another victory, I guess!
It’s celebration time again, pub!


Hi Bitvadol
I also have a similar situation. I bought, and mined 145 litecoins in 2014.
I saved the password on a Flash drive. The flash was overwritten by someone at work who used it as a windows recovery drive. I cannot recover the password. My coins are in my wallet.dat file.

My issue is I have no idea of the passphrase.
Is this completley impossible?
I was thinking of installing BTrecover, and just letting it run forever to one day see if the password is found… Is that a possibility?

Many thanks


link him by doing @bitvadol and he will get a notification :slight_smile:


Hello, @shteev.
I’m very sorry that this happened.
For the first question:

No. Unfortunately it’s virtually and practically impossible to crack the passphrase by letting the recovery tool run forever. It would take more than a 100 years to crack on a regular machine. Plus the power consumption. Plus overheating.

Have you tried to do a recovery of deleted files? There might be a chance of recovering the lost (deleted) files by doing the full check in the recovery tools.
Here is the list if tools that might help:
If you can’t recover the data yourself, try the professional data recovery services in your area. They may charge a lot, but if it’s your last chance, your reward in case of success is much bigger.

Try to remember what common passwords or anything important you could make a passphrase with. Like… anything. You’ve made the passphrase after all. How many words can it contain? How many characters? Anything can help.

@Thyruz, thank you so much for letting me know that somebody needs my help.


Hello everyone :wink: I’m new to this pub community and at first i want to say hello. I found thebitcoinpub when i was searching a solution to my problem. I’m glad I’ve found you guys because I cann see good vibes here :smiley: My problem is similar to others here. I got an issue with Litecoin Core wallet on Mac. I’ve got my saved passphrase, i’ve got few wallet backups but i ain’t got the private key. The problem is that my passphrase desn’t work. I was trying btcrecover, johntheripper, but it is too hard for me with linux. I think I need your help @bitvadol How can I contact you?


dude you are amazing!! I just got hyped reading this lmao


First of all, welcome to the awesome community. The more I read this forum, the more I like it. I hope you do too.
So… On to the problem.
Yes… Litecoin Core can be tricky. I’ll DM (direct message) you in a bit and we will try to recover those LTCs. Don’t fret. If you have the passphrase and are sure that it’s a correct one, then you are most likely have the same issue as @Nige12.
I’ll give the public updates on the situation for the transparency.


Actually I have changed my phassphrase, the reason was that I’ve copied space after the last word of my passphrase, I have changed the passphrase but I want to move my coins to another wallet. First I need to get the private key and i don’t know my public key adress. Any help appreciated. Thank you for very quick response @bitvadol


Hang on… I’ll DM you now.


Public update on the situation with @emkej86:
Helped him to help himself. So yeah! Basically, he figured it all out. Warned him about exposing the private keys to the interwebs. It’s all good now!


dude, what coins r u invested into atm?


You deserve some kind of special badge. Your like a Crypto MacGyver or Crypto Wizard. It’s just awesome. Lawdy, lawdy I hope I never need you, but I sure am glad you are here in case I do! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I just reviewed this incredible thread. bitvadol is a crypto hero. I wholeheartedly agree he deserves a special hero badge. Well done brother. Helping others, even strangers, is in my opinion, one of the best parts of humanity.


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Hello, @bitvadol

have the same issue)
was looking through the whole web on that matter and found only this community.
can you try to help me out?
remember just part of the pass