Please Help with Litecoin passphrase issue


WOW! Good work @bitvadol and congrats to @Nige12 on recovering your LTC in time for your wedding! We’ve got something special here at The Bitcoin Pub! :heart:


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Wow… Thanks, @John, for making this! Yeah, bitcoin is all about community, and I am so thankful to be a part of it!

For those who are wondering about security of your private keys, worry not. @Nige12 has given me his passphrase to work with in the first place. Without it, it would MILLIONS of YEARS to crack this open. The problem was that he somehow pasted the Carriage Return symbol (one of those invisible ASCII control symbols) at the end of his passphrase and could not get it to work after that. I’ve run the brute forcing multiple times over the course of 4 days to try different variations of the given passphrase. And at the last run I was looking for these invisible symbols specifically. And it worked.


so much to be thankful for!


What a rollercoaster it was reading this thread!
@bitvadol is really an awesome person and so valuable to our community!

And the video by @john put that extra smile on my face!

Love this place!


Im new to this forum and I just read the end of the thread where you located someone’s litecoin you didn’t even know. You my friend are an awesome honest person as well as an extremely intelligent individual. Great job, great story!! That being said, I have a question I’m hoping you may be able to answer. I was reading that coinbase was planning on introducing a few altcoins to their exchange so I bought in on a few. I purchased .20 BCC on binance at around $1,200 five minutes later it shows up on coinbase in the neighborhood of $3,500. Great right? Well that was 2 days ago and it’s still showing as an open order. I’m hoping the tx will be mined asap of course, but I am a newbie and have had open orders simply disappear after a week or 2. What do you think will be the outcome of this tx?


@Bababizzle, first of all, thanks for joining us at the Bitcoin.Pub.

I did not quite get your problem. So sorry for that. But if my understanding is correct, you bought the Bitcoin Cash on Binance and then it was introduced on Coinbase/Gdax, the price went up and you wanted to sell. Did you withdraw from Binance to the Coinbase address? If yes, binance should give you TX ID to check on BCH block explorer.
Unfortunately, you can’t buy on the one exchange and then immediately sell on the other. You have to withdraw funds from one and deposit to the other.
Can you, please, specify your issue?


@Bababizzle don’t take up too much of @bitvadol’s time and good graces! he has a lot of investing to do himself… :stuck_out_tongue:

you rock bitvadol!


No, I bought but the order is still open. The tx is still not complete. My question is will it ever be added to my funds or will weeks go by and the tx end up cancelled?


Ah… I see. You have not actually bought it, you have put an order to buy it. If the price of BCC would fall to that, it will fill your order automatically.


Of course it will lol. I already missed out on the initial quick 1k flip so
at this point it’s a good lesson learned. Thanks man have an awesome


Don’t trade out of FOMO. It’s usually not the best idea.
You too have an awesome holiday! =)
And good luck with your investments! :wink::blush:


I’m so happy you guys found the solution!!!


FOMO? I bought BCH for several reasons, 1st bitmain takes it for payment.
Also I knew it was coming up on coinbase and would immediately triple,
which it did. Same reason I bought XRP, DASH, IOTA and XMR even thought the
fact that it’s untraceable may keep it off. I figure it’s a winner either


Hi Guys! After seeing the generosity above, I thought it couldn’t hurt to share my somewhat similar issue.

I began buying LTC in 2013, and mining it on a 5 GPU rig in 2014.

As I recall, I had created a Litecoin Core wallet, address of which is here.

61 of the 321ish LTC I’m trying to recover is at this address.

However, it appears as thought the laptop that these were stored on was stolen by an Airbnb guest. I’ll continue looking for it - I had been Airbnbing an apartment I was not living in to enable cash flow to allow me to work on my startup - but it doesn’t look good.

Though I have little hope, I wanted to ask - is there any known way for me to recover the LTC at this address without the device itself? I don’t believe I saved the .dat file elsewhere, though I can look into that further as well.

Incredibly grateful for any insight. Thank you!


Unfortunately, there is no way to recover the wallet without the .dat file (if you were using the Litecoin Core wallet). Because the .dat file is storing the private keys (or master key) to all the addresses in the wallet.

So, it’s ether your seed phrase (if you are using BIP-32/BIP-39-enabled wallet), or the wallet.dat file that need to be backed up.

And sorry for your loss. Keep on looking, thou. I have found an old laptop like after 5 years of abandoning it somewhere in the closet. But I didn’t have any coins on it. Back then I did not know about this whole coin-thing.

It maybe is hiding from you.

And have a wonderful Christmas!


Thank you @bitvadol! I really appreciate your quick response and kindness! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well! The community here is amazing. <3<3



I am having the same issue and was wondering if you could assist me? I have the passphrase but it isn’t working. I have typed it over and over and it states it is incorrect. I really need your help. Any assistance and/or guidance would be very much appreciated. Please let me know.



Hi, @keebler.
I’m sorry that you encountered some issues with the wallet.
Before we start to make moves to recovering your wallet I need you to answer a couple of questions for me:

  1. What wallet software did you use?
  2. How the pass phrase was created? Is it recorded in the file somewhere? Or did you rely on your memory in order to remember it?

I DM’d you, so that we can discuss the further details in private.


Again, for the transparency, here is a public update on the @keebler situation:

DM’d. Asked the identical questions as in the thread with going a little deeper into details. Waiting for the response.


You are absolute legend mate I was away for a month because of health issues I saw that on patreon posts so I feel like I should write that have a nice day.