Please Help with Litecoin passphrase issue


Wow thanks @bitvadol. Just saw all this now ( it’s morning here in Australia).

I’ll drop you a PM now.

Thanks so much for the time and effort looking into this for me. Very much appreciated. Hope this works… if it does I’ll be sure to send you hose 5 ltc as a thanks.


WOW! Thank goodness for the Bitcoin pub and the awesome community. A very special thank you to John and Peter for making this platform available to the cryptonation. Big love to all!


It’s not the private key. Litecoin qt uses passphrase for the encryption of the private key in the .dat file. Every time you transact (sending coins), you have to enter the passphrase.
In case of @Nige12, he has that .dat file, but does not seem to get his passphrase right.
Something ether is wrong with the .dat file, or his passphrase.


Support here has been amazing… thanks everyone.

Thanks to @peter for putting this together.

Losing my coins certainly is devastating but the support has been amazing and really refreshing.



Ok… Here are another batch of public updates on the situation.

After a numerous failed attempts to recover his own wallet, @Nige12 decided to put the trust in me and send all the info to me. Unfortunately, his wallet.dat file has been corrupted and did not open in the LTC QT on my machine. Recommended to check the md5 sum of the file and wether it was similar to mine. Trying to recover the file while downloading the full blockchain.

Update 1. Currently running the pywallet --recovery feature with the known passphrase. We shall see…

Update 2. No luck yet. Trying to run recovery again with possible variations of the known passphrase. Pywallet seems to be finding those keys but can’t decrypt them. Well… At least these keys seem to be intact. Still trying…


Sending good juju! :mage:


Well… As the saying goes “The patient is more likely dead than alive”. After the numerous attempts to recover the wallet using different methods (btcrecovery, pywallet --recovery, and many others), I declare a halt of this operation.

@Nige12, feel free to give me more variations to work with if you remember them.

Ladies of the pub, please, mentally hug our fellow pubber, @Nige12. As he needs your love and support!

Sorry, dude… I mean, so sorry that I could not help you. Post your new LTC address and maybe we can contribute to the Pub’s Lost Coins Fund.

And please, don’t use the Core wallets… They are for the people who want to run a full node. For regular transactions use something like Exodus or Jaxx.

Feel free to write to me occasionally. I still have hope that you can recover those chucks!

Stay safe and secure.


All good @bitvadol I can’t thank you enough for all the effort you have put in. Taking so much time and effort for someone you don’t even know is amazing so thank you again for trying.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not getting those coins back, but the silver lining is that I’ve found this community.

@bitvadol if you’re ever in Melbourne Australia, drop me a message so I can buy you 5 rounds of drinks at least.

Thanks everyone for trying.

I’ll be sure to stay away from the core wallets from herein.



So… Finally, some good news! And IT IS HUGE!

I have decrypted your wallet, @Nige12!

Sent you a message! Reply ASAP!

@Siggy, and others who watched this thread and mentally supported us, HUGE THANKS TO YOU, GYUS AND GALS!



Absolutely amazing! I could not be happier for both of you!!! Wow wow wow :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


For the absolute transparency:

For the security reasons I have transferred the recovered coins to my freshly created Exodus wallet. I just could not trust the Litecoin QT (as a wallet) anymore. All the details of the transfer (including the TX ID and screenshot of the current Exodus balance) was shared with @Nige12. Exodus wallet was encrypted and backed up with seed phrase after confirming receiving of funds.

So… Now @Nige12 should give me his new LTC wallet.

And we are done here and can finally celebrate our victory in the pub.


You are and awesome human being @bitvadol , I knowledge the hard work and time you put into helping a complete stranger to get his money back. The world needs more people like you. Thank you for helping him.



You have got to be kidding me. It’s 6.48am in the morning in Australia and I literally fell off my chair reading this. What amazing news to wake up to!!!

I can’t believe it @bitvadol this means so much to me.

This is not just a handful of coins you’ve helped me get back, but I’m planning a wedding at the moment and these coins will help me pay for the wedding… I can’t express how thank full I am.

Your undying effort and encouragement to get this over the line has been nothing short of amazing. You are a genuinely amazing person to help me with all this.






And the 5 coins reward is all yours. I really hope I get to meet you one day!!!

I have no idea how you did it without brute forcing too… I’ve tried everything under the sun.


Thank you @bitvadol


@Nige12, you should invite @bitvadol to your wedding! Then snap some photos and upload them on!


Well done Pub, specially @bitvadol. Lets have a beer or two


Yeah! That was a wild ride for both of us, wasn’t it?


But let’s thank not only me, but also @Peter and @John for creating such a wonderful community! Without them there would be no pub!

Thank you, guys! For making such a wonderful place where people could help each other out!

Now, to the MOON and beyond!




Wow that’s amazing. So it was the correct passphrase after all. Here I was trying everything I could and would have copied and pasted over the last few months being devastated time and time again every time it would say “incorrect passphrase”

I don’t even know what a carriage return is. I’ll look it up now.

Great thinking @bitvadol you should do this for a living.
Good to hear the passphrase cracker in the background worked too… I can imagine you would have been screaming when it went through.

I’m at work now and can hardly contain the excitement… everyone’s asking what I’m smiling about all morning.
This is amazing, thank you so much again @bitvadol

Thanks @peter and @john for creating this space. I can’t believe how much of a genuine community environment this is looking out for one another. In a world where crypto is partly about money, and knowing how people behave when it comes to money, this kind of compassion and support is unbelievable.

I hope you make it down to Australia one day I owe you a drink or 25 :laughing::grinning:


this thread is so much win… so glad that it has a happy ending…!


I love this community!


Vatos Locos Forever--------------------:):sunglasses: