Philly Tech Week



Wassa Wassa Wassuuup,

Anyone planning on going to Philly Tech Week this year?
Blockchain and Digital Currency event scheduled for May 2.

@Justin_Bosak @itsmee.bosslady plus anyone else regional


Heyy, it wasn’t on my calendar - but maybe @KennBosak, I’ll ask :smile:

UPDATE - -Yes Kenn says he will prob go - and shouts out the PUB lol ( cause we’re awesome lol ) :joy::heart_eyes:


Man, @itsmee.bosslady is gangsta! She doesn’t miss anything! @KennBosak when are you going to stream with @Trek again? I’m trying to win that W-2 game.


cool shoutout. surrounded by bedsheets? oh hotboxing 4/20, I get it!!! naace!

but is like, kenn gonna tell justin, or something?


Dudeee I wish that was all the way true lol! I’m more like half gangsta, half geek lol - - and I’ve missed plenty of opportunities to connect and contribute to the cryptonation lately… :disappointed:
For one…You and I live in the same part of the world…and I keep saying I want to do a Pub meetup or event here, but haven’t made those moves yet lol! #shame :no_good_woman:
I know I try hard and thought I was doing my best, but maybe it’s time to work smarter and not harder… :thinking::nerd_face::sleepinggiant:


Hey @itsmee.bosslady
I’m in the same boat, learning to work smart and not harder. It’s so many things going on and trying to keep on top of everything is draining.

As for the Philly thing, I’m down and adding it to the calendar now. Hope to catch up with you all.

Looking at the list Thomas aka Jay is the only name I recognize from the Philly crypto scene. That was the selling point for me.

@Bitnative, thanks for the love. Not gonna lie. It’s not an easy switch at all to live in the space. Granted it is easier to do now compared to 3 years ago. But you HAVE to do more than HODL. I didn’t learn that part until crossing over. It’s another reason I’m teaching myself smart contract develop. As for the next stream with @KennBosak. Not sure, he’s like the mayor of crypto, always busy. Hopefully, we can work out the schedules to make something happen :sunglasses:.


Just seeing this now, my bad! I have been crazy busy with my jobs in real estate I haven’t had much time but keep me posted on any other local events I am an hour from Philly and NYC. :sunglasses: