Philippines Crypto News

#1 is the Philippines most prominent local gateway to buying bitcoin. Although a bit higher than regular exchanges, the tradeoff is I can load my wallet by converting my fiat via 711 stores and buy bitcoin from using their mobile app.

Recently featured in Nikki Asian Review and seems like other coins will be added soon according to their Twitter handle below.

I asked their Twitter account when other coins will be available and they replied “Soon”. Cryptocurrency is slowly going mainstream here in the Philippines!


Good to know bro! HODL up my friend! :joy:


Any Pinoy familiar with Loyal Coin, part of Appsolutely? Bought into the ICO on the NEM platform. Seems very promising.


Awsome dadami na coins


MANILA - Visa and UnionBank on Monday said they would offer the country’s first direct blockchain payment system for businesses.


Philippines trying to catch up in the crypto game!


Looks like more exchanges are coming its way to the Philippines with new regulations. Still a positive vibe for Crypto Currency.


I agree. I think Loyal Coin is promising. It’s certainly good for consumers, the real question is if they can get wide spread adoption by merchants. While many countries have accepted coalition programs, the U.S. has traditionally resisted them. A popular coffee shop recently announced they were considering accepting crypto currencies. That same coffee shop is a current customer of Appsolutely (at least in the Philippines). Seems like Loyal Coin could be a great fit or addition to an existing coffee rewards app. IMO - Loyal Coin checks all the boxes and has great potential. The ICO is near max, so not much time remaining.


Thanks for the reply, rbaatz.


I think i’ll wait for things to settle down. If this is a Ph ICO