Peter! Still want to sell those 1080’s?!


Petah!! (Or anyone else in the community)… are you still wanting to sell your 1080 TI’s…?

(You had mentioned it on the livestream but I didn’t see any posts)


Yeh building a new PC not sure why he is selling the top end video card hehe. That had me baffled.


Don’t say anything to change his mind! Lol @peter


I’m willing to sell them. They are going for a premium right now…
I’m waiting on @ImaginaryPi to help me figure out what we wanna do


Premium as in retail prices or EBay prices?! Lol


1080ti’s go for a lot of money on EBay. That’s what I was telling Peter the other day. I’m not sure parting the computer out nets the most amount of money.


From what I’ve been seeing on eBay and the like in my journeys GPU hunting and the math I’ve done- it’s worth posting the cards online for the high prices, just on the fact alone people are buying these trying to get quantities they can’t seem to find in stock makes them move. And you can still manage to snag one for less then what I’m sure you guys will sell them for- and that’s not including if we actually the the new card with Volta architecture (might be called Amphere maybe) then either you’ll be able to snag those or get back the same models you are selling at a better deal.

If I were you guys I would take a few you are willing to part with list them on eBay or any other site you have access to selling used parts for the highest they are selling for right now, it sells it sells, it doesn’t it doesn’t. Split whatever number of GPU’s you are willing to part with between individual sale and a bundle for a rig. A partically assembled full rig with 1080s would go for a pretty high mark up, and it’s a lot easier to deal with shipping if the customer is expecting to put it together themselves (add in instructions and you’ve got a business plan) I’ve been doing something similar to what GPU shack does with there boxes and it’s been having a pretty quick turnover- and no returns so far (knock on wood)


This is his gaming PC, not a mining rig.


Cuz my gaming computer has blown up and I’m wondering what to do with it…


1080ti’s are still the top end video card for gaming. Just build another gaming rig around them.


have you ever played Dota 2?


I’m like 3 seasons behind. Man. It would be pay to play to get all the cards. Or I could just go f2p and earn the shit out of it.

Takes time. I shall take you up on this. When I can find the time!


My man remembers. damn. You’re pro af.


The man can print money too eh? I like where this is going. Scale baby scale!