Perth's (Western-Australia) First-ever Pub Get-together Feb 2018



Guyzzzz guyszzzz. That Korean BBQ…

Meeting held in Perth today at a Korean BBQ restaurant (Saturday 10th of Feb 2018) :slight_smile:
Attendees were:
& @goodoldfiat

We had a blast together meeting, talking about crypto, life, potential ICOs & of course that BITCOIN!
Being the first meeting, we did not have anything special in the agenda…
It was all about the yummy KBBQ yooooooooooo…

I think in the future we may start covering specific topics and maybe help new comers in Perth into crypto.

Thank you so much for your attendance and we will see you next time!


Perth has great beaches and Korean BBQ is great too, wish we had more of it in Europe.
Keep it up guys.


We need to get a few more people to join in next time! A night-time meet-up will open up more choices for KBBQ!


Hopefully they will discover this topic and get in the game :slight_smile:
Sometime during the week at night time or maybe Saturday night next time would be purrrfect.


damn…that’s awesome! :hulksmash: it!


omg. this is so cool. so many cats.


I love this so much! So much wow! No :doge: tho…


Cats love that fresh Korean BBQ I can tell you that :smiley:
We will do this regularly and improve ourselves :slight_smile:

The only doge I know is you haha