Patreon 2.0: Back to the Basics! 👀 🤩 😎



Thanks man! Let’s get it!


I am soooo excited to help support this awesome community! Just signed up as a Patron, let’s go to the moon! #proudQuartermaster

Thanks for building such an awesome community!

@peter and @john as FYI if anyone else has the same issue…
I had some issues with pledging on Patreon. It kept asking for a valid shipping address but was not displaying any address input fields. After several visits to my card website, stripe and patreon support, I tried a $1 pledge and that worked. I then “updated” it to Quartermaster and voila, it gave me fields for a shipping address, so I flowed through the process and was able to pledge.

Another note, when I tried to pay with Paypal, it would only show one of the cards in my wallet (not the one I wanted to use), and it would not show any others when I hit “change”. I even changed the default card in Paypal and went back into Patreon, but it still only showed the same card, so I have a ticket in on that.


Make sure to scroll through all the previous videos, there are some gems inside! Thanks my man!


Hey guys,

Just signed up to Patreon! :smile:

Please can I access the super special secret restricted area now…?



you used the same email address?


Yeah, same one for both :slight_smile:




Yassss lol! #weareswarmcity :honeybee::beers::world_map::globe_with_meridians::allthethings:



who is YEN? Japanese coin?


#yen … we’ll be posting more there.


No options if you don’t have a credit card/paypall?


not at the moment… but… soon…


Then I hope to be a Patreon soon!


Signed up for Patreon but not a Patreon on pub? :open_mouth:




Re-upped my Patreon membership after a few rough weeks.

Cheers laddsss


awesome! appreciate your support yooooooo!


Yooooo! I’m in!!! Patreon now!


Where is my patreon logo??? :grin: