Opinions wanted. Debating selling my GPUs


As the profitability of mining cryptos continues to decline, I’m debating selling a couple of my GPUs.

I have a Vega 56 that I can currently sell for almost double what I purchased it for. I’ve pretty much made my ROI with it, but now I’m thinking the most profit I can get out of it is to sell it rather than mine with it. They are going for over $700 used on eBay. I’m thinking there’s no way I can make that much by mining with it.

What are your opinions about this?


put it on ebay and try to sell it :sunglasses:


will there be anyone buying heavily used card that is way overpriced ? ( try to sugarcoat it :troll:)

is someone end up buying it great for you :+1:

or else just keep mining


I’ve considered doing this with my two rigs, but the one thing I can’t escape is what they provide while they are sitting here at my home humming away, and that is a steady income stream that I do not have to earn with labor hours. I don’t have to sit in front of a computer to watch charts and sweat trade positions either. They keep me in the game in the manner I wish to play. So I measure their value in a rather nuanced way I guess. Yes, I could make an immediate profit by selling them, but then I lose the steady trickle of btc or whatever it is I’m mining.


To make the decision more difficult, I just read the official statement about the PoW changes coming to Monero. I might have to hold on to the GPUs until after the hard fork just to see if it makes it more profitable.


Honestly, I think you are looking too short term. Sure, you can sell the GPUs, take the profits and buy more coins. Or you can mine the same amount of coins over 9 months and then start earning more coins.

There are lots of ways to look at it. I don’t think there is a right or wrong decision though.


Post it here on the forum. I’d consider buying from you for crypto.