One Batch File to Rule Them All!


I might set up for it on the weekend.
So you think it has a good future? Looks like there are a lot of people behind it but I don’t know who’s who.
I noticed eth slowing down but I was going to get as much as pos before the e3 floods the place. I’m still getting 1 eth/170 hrs (168 hrs in a week)
I’m not sure how the node helps us profit?


I think it’s worth a look. It’s a privacy coin that has the ability to stake your coins on a masternode which will pay you a dividend for staking. The more you mine, the more you have. the more you have the more you can stake. The more you can stake, the more you make in residual income from the dividends. I am in on Raven and Loki right now because both are relatively new, have a strong community behind them, and have higher mining payouts compared to some of the other coins. While I may make more money short term mining etherium, ETH would need to go to $1000+ for me to double my money while I’m only pulling down .4 ETH per month. If I mine RVN at 9000 coin per month at I like my chances more going from 3 cents to 6 cents or if I mine 300 Loki per month at 80 cents per It needs to move far less in order to make a nice profit. Just my thinking. I believe that the Loki staking requirement is going to be 1000 for a masternode, which isn’t much at all. On their website it states that over time that masternode requirement will drop from 1000 to encourage more people to stake and benefit from the liquidity of the network. Sounds to me like it’s worth taking a flyer on. I really liked the ideas of BTCP, but the drama associated with the Dev team and the fact that the mining reward is low makes it kind of a drag. in order to get a decent payout I had to point both my 1070ti and my RX580 rigs at it and it was profitable for a while but once I found myself spending $5+ a day in electricity to make $9 dollars worth of BTCP I had to start looking elsewhere. Sucks because I loved the BTCP pool. It was fun mining with guys that you knew and cheered for. Kind of boring mining on an anonymous pool, but at least I can make a little money while I’m at it. That’s kind of the point for me.


So what are you mining with your 1070ti rig currently? I might have to stay in touch with you to learn a few tricks :slight_smile:


My 6 card 1070 TI rig is pointed to Ravencoin on Ravenminer pool using Enemy miner through SMOS. I am pulling down roughly a thousand RVN every 3 days (give or take a few depending on the shifting algos). I just picked up 2 more 1070 TI last night too so that will increase :slight_smile:.

Feel free to stay in touch. We all benefit from information sharing. Your tips on the thermal paste helped get a dead card running and our dialogue motivated me to start tweaking my cards again and I made some small improvements. I don’t have many tricks unfortunately, but I try to stay up on what’s profitable and see if there’s anything that looks to have potential like Loki and RVN. I follow VoskCoin, BBT, and GooseTech on youtube and see if there’s anything that catches my attention. I don’t want to be a coin chaser so I am hoping to find something to mine on before the crowd comes running. Raven has a pretty strong community and a lot of miners, but the reward is still high so it is profitable currently. People follow Whattomine religiously, so I try find things that are not listed, or things that you need to dig for. Things were good on BTCP before it was listed on Whattomine. Then it blew up for a few weeks and difficulty skyrocketed and we couldn’t find blocks to save our lives.