One Batch File to Rule Them All!


If you’re anything like me and you mine with an Nvidia GPU or two you have probably found “”.
When you first started out mining you put your gpu and power details in and clicked on the button to see which was the best, most profitable crypto on the day and before you knew it your desktop is covered in wallets and a different folder for each coin and miner etc. Am I right??

Well, in the past few days I have had a bit of a cleanup.
The first thing I did was put most of my smaller earnings on an exchange and swapped them for zen, zcash and BTCP. Basically coins I like for one reason or another.

Last week I talked a friend at work into getting a GPU and doing a little mining for BTCP on our very own mining pool,
After showing him the basics I told him of my predicament with batch file shortcuts covering my desktop.
He said “why don’t you just make one batch file with multiple choices?”
DUHH!!! :smiley:

So I did a few minutes research and this is what I came up with…

This is my .bat file

@echo off
title All Coins
color 0a
echo 1.BTCP Hashit Single Card
echo 2.BTCP Miningspeed
echo 3.Zen Suprnova
echo 4.Zcash Suprnova
echo 5.Zcash Flypool

set /p a=
IF %a%==1 (miner --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_1080 --pass x --port 3041 --color --fee 0.1)
IF %a%==2 (miner --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_1080 --pass x --port 2062 --color --fee 0.1)
IF %a%==3 (miner --server --user munternet.rog --pass x --port 3618 --color --fee 0.1)
IF %a%==4 (miner --server --user munternet.rog --pass x --port 2142 --color --fee 0.1)
IF %a%==5 (miner --server --user t1ZfvcMgWjc7ro2DW1DFfMSu5kFpAjEmsCo.munternet_1080 --pass x --port 3333 --color --fee 0.1)

All my batch files were for Equihash so this made it easier for me.

Place the batch file in with the chosen miner or miners (you may be able to have more than one miner in the same folder) and create a shortcut on the desktop.

After clicking the shortcut you must type in the number of the chosen operation and press enter.

Easy Peasy :smiley:

Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool
Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool
Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool

Wow, that is a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing!


Further to the above I have moved on to making a separate launch number for each GPU.
This has a couple of benefits:

  1. If one gpu freezes it doesn’t stop the others from making money if the rig is unattended :smiley:
  2. You can tune them one at a time and tune the next one while the first one is being trialed so you don’t sit there twiddling your thumbs :smiley:
  3. If you don’t use this system and one gpu freezes you have no idea which gpu caused the freeze so you can’t fix it.

@echo off
title All Coins
color 0a
echo 1. BTCP Hashit Multi Cards
echo 2. BTCP Miningspeed
echo 3. Zen Suprnova
echo 4. Zcash Suprnova
echo 5. Zcash Flypool
echo 6. zm BTCP Hashit Multi Cards
echo 7. 1070Ti zm BTCP Hashit
echo 8. 1070 zm BTCP Hashit
echo 9. 1070 zm BTCP Hashit
echo 10. 1070Ti ewbf BTCP Hashit
echo 11. 1070 ewbf BTCP Hashit
echo 12. 1070 ewbf BTCP Hashit

set /p a=
IF %a%==1 (miner --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_w10lite --pass x --port 3042 --color --fee 0.1 --pec)
IF %a%==2 (miner --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_1080 --pass x --port 2062 --color --fee 0.1 --pec)
IF %a%==3 (miner --server --user munternet.rog --pass x --port 3618 --color --fee 0.1 --pec)
IF %a%==4 (miner --server --user munternet.rog --pass x --port 2142 --color --fee 0.1 --pec)
IF %a%==5 (miner --server --user t1ZfvcMgWjc7ro2DW1DFfMSu5kFpAjEmsCo.munternet_1080 --pass x --port 3333 --color --fee 0.1 --pec)
IF %a%==6 (zm --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_w10lite --pass x --port 3042 --color)
IF %a%==7 (zm --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_w10lite --pass x --port 3041 --color --dev 0)
IF %a%==8 (zm --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_w10lite --pass x --port 3041 --color --dev 1)
IF %a%==9 (zm --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_w10lite --pass x --port 3041 --color --dev 2)
IF %a%==10 (miner --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_w10lite --pass x --port 3041 --color --fee 0.1 --pec --cuda_devices 0)
IF %a%==11 (miner --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_w10lite --pass x --port 3041 --color --fee 0.1 --pec --cuda_devices 1)
IF %a%==12 (miner --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_w10lite --pass x --port 3041 --color --fee 0.1 --pec --cuda_devices 2)

After you have tuned all the gpus individually and are satisfied they are stable you may set a launch number that amalgamates them all again :slight_smile:
This system really made tuning MUCH less frustrating for me.
Chris :slight_smile:


I made an improvement to my .bat launch system

What I have essentially done is made a group launch batch files that can launch multiple individual GPU batch files in one click.
I still have the ability to launch the GPUs one at a time by clicking the batch file within the miner folder but the convenience of multi-launch for a chosen coin and a chosen pool.

I could also easily make batch files to launch any combination of GPUs mining a mix of pools if I desired.

This is my main batch file

@echo off
title All Coins
color 0a
echo 1. BTCP Hashit Individual GPUs
echo 2. BTCP Miningspeed Individual GPUs
echo 3. Zen Miningspeed Individual GPUs
echo 4. Zcash Flypool Individual GPUs
echo 5. Zen Suprnova Combined GPUs
echo 6. Zcash Suprnova Combined GPUs


set /p a=
IF %a%==1 (start cmd /k Call BTCPHash0.bat
start cmd /k Call BTCPHash1.bat
start cmd /k Call BTCPHash2.bat)

IF %a%==2 (start cmd /k Call BTCPMS0.bat
start cmd /k Call BTCPMS1.bat
start cmd /k Call BTCPMS2.bat)

IF %a%==3 (start cmd /k Call ZenMS0.bat
start cmd /k Call ZenMS1.bat
start cmd /k Call ZenMS2.bat)

IF %a%==4 (start cmd /k Call ZcashFly0.bat
start cmd /k Call ZcashFly1.bat
start cmd /k Call ZcashFly2.bat)

IF %a%==5 (zm --server --user munternet.rog --pass x --port 3618 --color)

IF %a%==6 (zm --server --user munternet.rog --pass x --port 2142 --color)

as you can see in the example below 3 individual batch files are told to open in their own window.
This means if there is a crash it shouldn’t crash them all and they are all opened by selecting “1 and enter” after opening the master batch file.
BTCPHash0.bat, where BTCP is the coin, Hashit is the pool and 0 is the GPU. The minor batch files can be seen in the image.

IF %a%==1 (start cmd /k Call BTCPHash0.bat
start cmd /k Call BTCPHash1.bat
start cmd /k Call BTCPHash2.bat)


Has all of this made it easier to live tune your over clocking or are you already set up? The worst part about tunning a single gpu of a rig is when it stops responding to changes and requires a restart completely (at least for me). That fact alone has me basically getting things “good enough” and leaving it alone instead of pushing for peak performance at this point.


It does mean you have a separate batch file for each GPU so can start them individually and once they are tuned use the master batch to start them all together. It also helps to detect which GPU is the problem, depending on how it fails (freeze, cmd shutdown etc).
Using individual files you can run all but one of the GPUs to see if your PSU is struggling.
It is much easier to determine which GPU is playing up because you can try leaving a different one turned off until the rig stops crashing.
So it does give you more options for tuning but you will still need to do a bit of trial and error :slight_smile:
Which miner are you using on what os?
I know what you mean about the freeze ups. I don’t sail to close to the wind for that reason.
The 3 GPUs in my image are a 1070ti a gigabyte 1070 g1 and an evga 1070.


Im using DSTM now, through SMOS. I was using it through WIndows and I also had been using Claymore for my AMD cards. The AMD cards are so sensitive. Too much overclock and they would crash or drop down really low and has next to nothing. I am a big fan of the 1070’s. 4 NVIDIA Founder’s Ed. and 2 EVGA FTW2. Very happy with them both. Founders are SWEET because they don’t require the extra power and hash the same or better than the EVGA in my experience.


Sounds like you have similar to me except I run on windows lite with DSTM and claymores for my 6 card rx580 eth rig which crashes occasionally but restarts by itself. I turned the cards down to 31.2 Mh/s and it crashes less but I will change it to windows 10 lite to see if it stops the crashing. I might add a bigger PSU also. I have a 1000w and pulling 880w. I set up autostart claymores on boot. Windows lite never crashes with the 1070s and the ti on equihash.
I did use the individual batch files to tune the 6 x rx580s and then combined but didn’t know how to mass control them with one batch file at the time. My next project will be to make an alternate SSD with w10 lite and run 6 instances of claymores and see how it goes. I have seen the hashrates drop occasionally but this will let me isolate the culprit hopefully :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience. My 6 580s are down to 5 now as my AMD Dual kept crashing my rig. It suddenly won’t take any overclocking at all and runs super hot all of a sudden. I cut it our completely and I have been up for 15 days without a crash, but I’m only averaging 29.5 per card. Can’t ever get it to behave beyond that.


Have you tried replacing the thermal paste?
The hash limit is a strange thing. My brother has the same cards as me but gets about the same hash rate as you. Only differences I can see are (1) I run claymores 11.5 and he runs 10.0 (2) I have a ROG Maximus vlll and he has Asus mining expert (3) I have pcie set to gen 1 in bios his is default (4) I have a more powerful CPU.
It’s also strange that I have a dead flat reported hash rate (aside from the few glitches I still get but I blame windows or my 1000w PSU at this stage) but his looks like the rocky mountains even though the rate is lower. This is mine.

I set up both rigs so they are flashed the same but he took his one home (many hundreds of k’s away) before I could do more testing.


So I took your advice and swapped out the thermal paste on my AMD card and this once overheating g card is now hashing at 29.7 MH/s on eth after being only able to hit 28ish previously and being very touchy there. Temp is 62 degrees at 65% fan. My next issue with this whole rig is that it’s a power hog. 6 RX 580 hashing at 179.4 mh/s on eth at 1050 watts after overclock and undervolting. Any tips to get this down?


Hey that’s an excellent result :smiley:
I should get some grizzly paste and do the same to all my gpus

This is my batch file but it didn’t work for my brother.
Running claymores 11.5
Windows 10
Running at 880w
My fastest fan is at 43% with temp target at 60 (all run between 58c and 60c) but we are coming into winter here in NZ

What does your batch file look like or are you smos all the way now?

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x03BEF224EAf3b41c18DAE95282a611879cf9c77d.RX580 -epsw x -mode 1 -etha 0 -cclock 1200,1200,1200,1205,1200,1205 -cvddc 860,880,870,860,860,860 -mclock 2180,2100,2180,2180,2180,2180 -mvddc 885,860,875,865,855,860 -tt 60 -fanmin 24 -platform 1 -eres 3 -tstop 80 -tstart 50 -dcri 14,8,14,14,14,14 -mport 0

These are by brother’s settings with the same gpus as me but totally different results. My setting don’t work for him. He runs claymores 10.0.

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x49cd4986322680f128bbad94f9e6bbde0a158267 -mode 1 -etha 0 -cclock 1190 -cvddc 880 -mclock 2020 -mvddc 870,870,870,870,870,870,900,900 -tt 60 -platform 1 -eres 3 -gser 1


I’m all the way SMOS at the current time. My settings are kind of all over based on the mix of manufacturerds of my RX 580s. 1 Asus, 1 power color, 2 xfx and 2 MSI.


It looks like I can change core clock and core voltage, memory clock and memory voltage with claymores.
On smos you can only change core voltage and overall wattage.
I also found it best to keep the memory in multiples of 20. I have no idea why but I did some testing and 20 increments were the exact point the results changed. Not sure if it’s the same in smos.
3 of mine are msi gaming x. The first, third and fifth cards.
Is it possible for you to experiment in a windows machine with one gpu?
Target temp should be 60 in my opinion and the fan should adjust to keep it just below NOT the hash rate moving to keep the temp. Minimum fan speed should be able to be left about 35 if your gpus are the msi gaming x. My gaming x fans switch off momentarily occasionally as the firmware on the gpus overrides claymores.


I will make some changes and know how it turns out. My temps are always a bit more finicky in SMOS on my RX580 rig. When I set my target temp at 60 my fans will max out. Didn’t have the see problem in Claymores. I switched because I am not home most of the time so I wanted a way to monitor my rigs remotely.


I can see the benefits of running smos so long as you can get all gpus running smooth. Maybe do the thermal paste on them all?
I can check mine and reboot remotely and look in with teamviewer. Pigsfoot did a pretty complete tutorial which I’m sure you read.
The beauty of tuning the cards in windows is you can run HWINFO64 and bump up the memory until you see errors.
You could also tune them all one at a time, while replacing the thermal paste, in windows on another machine, if you have one, then work out the smos offsets on one card and calculate each one with those figures returning them to the smos rig as you go :slight_smile:

You have probably read this or similar

The smos chat is probably your best bet for support once you have done the paste.
There will be many people there in the same boat that may know the fixes straight off the bat.
I generally use the discord or chat to ask questions if I get stuck.

Oh, one more thing, can you put the “core undervolting” 900 in 6 x separated by commas to satisfy my curiosity?

Sorry about ranting :stuck_out_tongue:


So i ended up putting the Kryonaut paste on my card and I have been able to get a stable 29.5 MH/s out of this card. Ran without a crash for 4 days and has been stable, and running much cooler than it was with no crashes. I have actually moved my RX580 rig over to mine Loki and it has been performing quite well there for a few days now. I have not played much with the tuning as I haven’t had much time lately.


How do I get on the loki? What miner, website etc?
Sounds interesting

The btcp is looking a bit sad atm


This project looks interesting because it will eventually be mineable and use a masternode so we can double dip on the passive income. Only traded on TradeOgre currently, but I am going to mine and hodl this. I’m pulling about 12 Loki/day with my 6 card RX 580 rig and that is getting $9.60/Day. Mining on Luxor pool and using xmr-stak through SMOS.


Loki is actually listing on cryptopia tomorrow. I don’t love craptopia by any means but I have used it as opposed to TradeOgre.