That’s probably the deal, it’s not sending small increments


LOL… gimme some of them Pills!!!


ETC is dropping. I just looked at 24 hr return and it’s all the way down to 1.04 in the last 24hrs. I was around 1.2 and it’s been dropping. I guess the Nvidia card holders see the end is near for them with equihash and are making the switch over to other coins. Might have to switch to ETH.


Are you sure? Profitability seems pretty good from what I can see on my dashboard, I’ve only just started mining ETC. 1 coin per day on my 1080ti and 1070ti rig isn’t bad, it’s roughly the same as mining Equihash and Lyra2Rev2 algorithms.


I know this is a older thread for a couple months ago, I’m using HIVE OS, what is the safest and optimal setting for EVGA Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti SC2?


I’m not familiar with HiveOS. But generally for mining ETC, I keep my 1080Ti rig undervolted (power to 85%, around 210W), default core clock reduced by -400Mhz, default memory overclocked to +700Mhz.

GPUs are all slightly different, so you will need to experiment to get whatever is stable for yourself.

BTW, looking at my previous posts, my rig is only producing 0.5 ETC per day now.


Thanks for the reply! I think I’ll try turning on that switch in HIVE OS. From what I read on reddit, I may be able to get away with a high hash rate with just turning on this setting in HIVE OS. Super easy if that’s just all I need to do!