:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread



It is definately 10+ year play maybe more.


Just make the money and exit when target are meet. Whether the coin will survive or not N years later…not that important, there are always better one along the path…


Coinsquare is supposed to list XRP on their exchange in this coming week. What effect do you guys think it will have on XRP’s price? Any predictions?


My prediction is 3 or 4 EOY. Both projections really generous and based on marketcap of 1T. Id say 2 is more likely


I was at korean coin trade page forum and noticed ripple is korea’s citizen coin for bitcoin


Anyone read the articles from Galgitron (galgitron.net) yet ? Call me noob or naive, but the bullish comments in there on XRP kinda do make sense to me:sweat_smile:


Good stuff for sure. I dont own much xrp but i do believe it will be mainstream. As far as trying to convince others, i guess the question is why? Why waste time on xrp haters? You’re trying to convince the current marketcap to buy XRP vs get new money which in my opinion is the blue ocean.

People just spout what they hear on the internet over and over cause someone said it before them. SSDD for the internet.

Be confident in your coins, do your research, make decent conclusions.


Another soon to be xrapid user.


Good Interview to listen to with some insight on XRP and xRapid


Almost time for Spring Break!!!


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theyve got a lot of use cases going on right now. Slow and steady wins the race.



7 Part series that explains Ripple and XRP, really great for new investors and people who are not 100% sure of the project. Also just a nice refresher


PART 6 is my favourite :slight_smile:


Appreciate the content you post in this thread Marshall! David Schwartz is a top man.


Ya they have put up some really strong announcements and partnerships. Excited to tell everyone how I got it for .25c in 30 years. ALready 8M tokens burned. How long has it been since the burn started? Do the math on what the supply will look like in 10-15 years.



XRP is gonna be huge. IMO


I think not having XRP in your portfolio is just foolish! even if you hate everything about them. Huge chance to be the best crypto in the world hands down. Actions speak louder than words. Most crypto projects have literally zero to show for their huge claims. Ripple and XRP actually can support their claims with real use cases.


Its worth it for the hedge. I understand the complaints about it and applaud people for sticking to thier principles of pure decentralization. Be inyeresting to see if that remains true once amazon coin comes out etc…


Very important to not shut down great projects out of emotion. In a new market never put all eggs into one basket.