:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread



My Thoughts on XRP

It is the “crypto” that is the dark horse in a way. Reason being it has caused a lot of engaging debate whether or not it is even a crypto. I personally wont put my viewpoint here I will let you decide for yourself.

Xrp solves a huge “problem” for banks, thats a fact. If you watch Brads chat during the Yahoo Summit, you will see he mentions dormant capital a bunch of times. Trillions of dollars sitting around the world as dormant capital in banks. Xrp (if used would allow for this dormant capital to be decreased if not eliminated)

Secondly for banks to even get a business partnership with other banks people need to understand that does not happen over night. In general it takes 6-9 months for a bank to bank relationship to begin. (Xcurrent would aid in this)

Xcurrent solves the issue of moving money from one place to another, but you are still left with the exchange of currence problem once your money does arrive. Here you incur another cost to you transaction. XRP (Xrapid) can aid in this problem by direct conversion within 3-5 seconds there volatility is decreased. (If bitcoin were to be used this could take 30min-hours. Where you could be left with 10% less $$ or more if you are lucky.

All that being taken into consideration, things I take away are; 1. There is a use case in direct correlation with XRP. 2. The past with promises being kept Escrow being honoured and constant contact with the community another + 3. Some people see this as bad yes RIpple owns 60% of XRP so it is in there best interest in the long run to ensure the value of XRP increases. The fact they want organic growth is a positive to me. I dont know exactly where but I see XRP (RIPPLE) being in the top 5 of “crpyto”


I love the math and it is correct. But I think people need to stop look at MarketCap to understand the price. I can give bitcoin Market cap at certain levels was higher and price was lower vs other times when market cap was lower and prices were higher. Although it is a tool to use there are many other factors, that contribute to price than just market cap. Good place to start I just think there are many other indicators to look at aswell.


What’s your thoughts on him buying in to uphold?


I read that article when it came out. My thoughts? Crypto giants invest in many projects it gets there fingers in many different pots.

if you want a more detailed answer let me know but give me a little more context in your question :slight_smile:


That’s good, I agree was just curious if I should maybe do a deeper research dive into uphold. Seems like a pretty nice setup along with the tons of others :slight_smile:


Brad is a solid leader for Ripple. They easily have one of the top 5 teams in Crypto.

Couple good quotes from Brad.

XRP is not a cryptocurrency

When selecting a coin

These are digital assets, if the asset solves a real problem for a real customer, then there will be value in the asset. If the asset doesn’t have a real purpose [it will not have any value.]

He also made a great point about people thinking Cryptocurrency is going to turn the world upside, but it is really the governments that will turn cryptocurrency into what it should be as they are the ones that have to give up control. Think about ICON possibly the closest to being used in mainstream after Ripple, yet they are working with the Korean Government.


I’m no financial adviser, however, I see some serious signs on my charts indicating that ripple is oversold right now. For those who want to scoop up some more ripple, It looks like it’s about to drop for awhile based on RSI, MACD and empirical chart analysis.

Good luck!


6hours later it went more to 12600sat which is almost +1500 after you posted this :saitama:


So whats next - looks like maybe good point to get out and get in lower again?


Looks like way over-bought but who knows.
Pumpers are going to pump.
Buyers will buy without knowing what they are buying :slight_smile:


Good time to prepare for a short if you want to improve your position :slight_smile:


Great read everyone


I bought XRP at 2.50 :unamused: haha
What do you mean about short?


If you are trading xrp/btc you will see a high today of around 0.0001384 BTC if you sold some around then price is now 0.0001195 BTC you would of increased you position or bought back your position and have some btc left over you can cash out for GAINS! or just keep that BTC

Add Edit:

I personally think we will see it go back down to 0.00010 ish BTC but those are my thoughts.


I see so it just about taking those short gains!
Thanks alot for the response man.


If u bought at 2.50 ur just waiting.


Of course. Best advice I give you is sit on your hands you will be fine.


True I could have sold a while ago but as @peter says you only lose when you sell. Plus I have 24 xrp stuck in the wallet because you have to keep 20xrp in it at all time…ugh haha, hopefully if the prices goes up that will change.
Aside from XRP not be as decentralized as it was made to be I still think it has potential esp if we are going to meet half way with the gov’t wanting to regulate some of it. I mean isn’t XRP testing with banks as we speak?


Honestly sometimes no chart can predict some people. Look for example what happened with ripple who would have thought that it will reach 13.7k satoshi right? I was awake when i saw a 300 thousand ripple sold in like instant. Waited and waited and waited 2 hours later i finally sold at 13.5k satoshi after holding xRP for almost 2 months.

@Indo-Crypto have you considered the satoshi price maybe you really didn’t lost any money if you sold it awhile ago? Unless you bought it straight using fiat.

Nevermind i checked it you still lose even on satoshi


Great Blog man. Answered a lot of my questions, hmmm maybe I should take advantage of the sell and stack a couple more for the long HODL.


I am almost positive I was buying at that moment…if only I could reach through my screen and just slap myself haha