:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread




See livecoinwatch having prices including the Korean BBQ into their list

@john noticing that coinpuffs also plunged all the coins and read that Peter said coinpuffs uses other resources than cmc, so kinda confused with seeing more similarity between cmc and coinpuffs…


I use World Coin Index.They seem to use Bithumbs price in there average. They also show the price for a certain coin on all the exchanges it trades on when you look at the individual coin


How long do i watch my ripple fall


Two possibilities…
Looking at past data.
It will either painfully keep decrease in value slowly.
It will shoot to $4.50.
I guess it is to punish people who support the bankcoin :slight_smile:


Oh very helpful lol :joy:


Under any circumstance: :btc:E THAT GUY!



Its official



“Not physically but intellectually” well put.


up 60 cents since this lol


And that’s “just” moneygram. If they snag a big time baller, XRP is gonna moonshot.


frig…like all the people in xrp i know are dill holes


one more reason to abandon the bankster coin


Thanks for putting out the word about WU and moneygram.
They are truly taking advantage of the poorest of the poor.


Can I be the one internet guy you know that’s not? :slight_smile: I just always bet on opposites. Picture it like a stock portfolio, decentralized crypto, and centralized crypto. I’m maybe 80/20 mix respectively. In most cases, you don’t invest all in one sector. That’s all I am doing is hedging. I am hedging that the banks want to keep their money away from this new crypto revolution and they will have to get in the game. So I will use them like they use us.

As I mentioned in another thread if XRP brings more people into crypto it’s only good for us as the overall market cap will rise. So it will help drive blockchain further mainstream and people will eventually branch out from XRP into other coins. If the banks decide to raise fees on XRP money transfers, guess what, users are going to find out it’s cheaper to use Litecoin or whoever vs XRP in the future. They are training the mainstream world to buy coins. Much like Amazon trained people to buy stuff on the internet.

Totally respect the hate against XRP, and definitely respect you for avoiding them and being consistent in your beliefs. Hell if I could close all the payday loans in the world with the snap of a finger I’d do it. I think longterm, the XRP craze helps all our horses win.


Agree. It’s brining people to the crypto space and that’s a good thing. I am no Ripple fan, but I can’t hate on anything/anyone bringing new people to this space. From my own circle I’ve noticed it is brining people in from an older demographic, which is welcomed.


I think the real question is what will happen when a company like Kodak or Facebook or whoever creates their own coin and jumps in. Is everyone going to avoid it cause it’s centralized? I can tell you mainstreamers aren’t. They are going to feel safe and jump right in. If you owned Amazon you’re CRAZY if you don’t attempt to make your own coin. It’s all about controlling the client and the companies market share. They are bound by their stockholders to protect the company. There needs to be serious innovation fast if you want to beat these guys to the punch. It’s coming. And it could kill the altcoin world.

My future prediction is the top tech companies will create their own coins. It will be owned much like Ripple is and mainstream people will gobble it up. Outside of the big 3 (BTC, ETH, LTC) huge companies will take over the crypto space as people don’t really care about their privacy and freedom vs convenience. Be fun to watch the crypto space evolve over the next few years. Buy more BTC.


For sure, its all about the goals :star_struck: