:ripple: OFFICIAL XRP Thread



Alcoholics Anonymous is overwhelmingly popular with the "mass majority of the people (who need it) and is 100% “DECENTRALIZED


Will Binance catch up to the others? Literally a .50 diffence right now lol Want to get out a little higher


I got out today. And to be honest it’s very liberating. Plus I know that converting it to BTC it’s going to take me to the moon faster.


Most likly no Korea is paying a premium for ripple making the average much higher. I have a bit of Qtum and it was selling over $100 in korea but I will only get $70 on the exchanges I can play on.


So Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t have to answer to any “centralized” government , do you not need to go to a centralized school to get certified to become a Alcoholics Anonymous counselor. So no it wouldn’t be “100%” decentralized.

Don’t get me wrong I understand what your trying to say, but in regards to crypto if Bitcoin gets worldwide mass adoption, it can’t stay 100% decentralized. Think about it they want Bitcoin to go to “WALLSTREET” if that’s not centralized I don’t know what is.


It is going down hill now… Any ideas why?


Probably cause ripple is above $1 and growth has stopped… the herd is moving on lol…

(Herd meaning the new crypto investors looking for the get rich quick route)

(Joking all)


because the price was inflated due to speculation on coinbase and media pumping it like no tomorrow


I managed to buy one upward swing made a little :slight_smile:
Then sold it…
Knew this was coming looking at previous pumps


Anyone got any insight on this? Was the KRW price factored into the coinmarketcap.com price until today? It’s interesting since XRP is trading around 3.90 on all the Korean exchanges.


This is why CoinPuffs.com


Nobody owns AA. Each chapter runs autonomously. “AA is constantly changing form as new members come in and others leave,” “The one thing that does remain constant is the recovery principle [but] there is no one in charge; everyone is responsible for keeping themselves – and everyone else – on track.”

Starfish organizations


Anyone seen Seagate cnbc stunt today?


Yeah that was crazy they did that. XRP may still have legs as the media will pump it.


Your correct that nobody owns AA, but “ANYBODY” can’t be a AA Counselor

How Can I Become a Trained Counselor ?

Your STATE has specific requirements regarding education and certification for becoming an addiction counselor. Standards can vary from state-to-state, but requirements may include a master’s degree in substance abuse or addiction counseling to become licensed or certified.


Your thinking more of ownership, I’m thinking more of control. I can OWN a Bitcoin but if I want to use it on a mass scale, the centralize government will control it.


Coin Puffs looks great! Only one little thing, could you add a British flag please old chap.
One is feeling terrible left out.


Ya but it’s somewhat centralized as they have a headquarters and a ceo and a have had law suits against people for reproducing the so called decentralized aa books

I read the starfish and spider book too


No matter what training counselors go through,the organization operates as a decentralized entity. Having requirements to become a counselor does not change the fact that it functions as a starfish organization with no head. There are no governing officers, no rules or regulations, no fees or dues.


Yes the organization operates as a decentralized entity in a centralized system, I’m agreeing with you on the “micro” level, I’m looking at it on a “Macro” level.

They have physical locations throughout the United States, who do you think they have to register with.

They have a tax ID number

Tax ID: 13-1679617

Tax deductibility code: 501©(3)

All i’m saying is they still have to answer to a “centralized” government to even be recognized as a non-profit organized in order to get a Tax Id or even open multiple locations


Coinpuffs looks like it did the same thing. The price is the same as Ripple on coinmarketcap.com with the KRW still trading around 3.78.
Also, why is coinpuffs showing Tron with a 100Billion circulating supply? Everywhere else is showing 65Billion.