[OFFICIAL] Ravencoin Thread! - Overstock CEO's Secret Crypto Project?



Asked in thee telegram group… Nobody knows if there will be any road map. Does anybody know if it has unique elements such as as nano?


Nice! We are putting the aged to work.

I’ve got an old ATI Radeon HD 5870 that I’m thinking about reviving. Thumbs up or down on this codger?? It was a stallion in its day.


It finally hit an exchange this morning (CryptoBridge) it’s been buying/selling around 300-500 sats.

24hr Volume (on CB): 11.453 ↑BTC / 3.25M ↑RVN

RVN stats from 9hrs ago:

  • 4,314 full mining nodes
  • 339.15 GH/s Network hashes / s
  • 2,708 Telegram members
  • 509,421 transactions on the network
  • 14 mining pools

Will be interesting to see where it will be sitting in a week :thinking:


Here’s the exchange address.

Threw some relics at it.
670’s OC to https://www.minepool.com
i7 4790’s to https://www.omegapool.cc
So far so good. Nice to get some use out of them again. I’m hoping for at least a few months before everyone else catches on. Thanks Peter!

Update: Turned off the cpuminer. Was causing large drops in hash rate on the gpu side. No crashes. Just better optimized with gpu only given the algorithm.


AMD miner :wink:



Anybody knows how long it will take before all the 21 billion coins are mined? And why did they chose 21 billion - bitcoin supply x 1000? That´s a shitload of coins.

My guess is that you will be able to use it to buy stuff on overstock. And maybe they will give some sort of discount if you use it.


I can’t find (RVN) either :disappointed_relieved:

WAIT https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.RVN_BRIDGE.BTC



I just bought some on crypto bridge


Dr. Patrick Byrne of overstock.com talks t0 blockchain, and how it and blockchain could end World poverty, fight terrorism, and solve a 6000 year old problem. Looks like we should be not only looking at Ravencoin, but we should also be looking at t0 (tzero).


just passing through. after researching this project, it seems they are trying to revitalize consensus layer of bitcoin on top of raven, while fully complying with the SEC. im not a fan of platform plays xlm, icx, neo, etc. theyre all fighting an uphill battle,and are trying to move away from proof of work. we have rvn running on a truly asic proof algo (im mining it, let me tell you, its a hard algo to optimize. best to just keep stock setting 65% tdp) no premine, no icos bullshit, no “vitalik” type hype man. i might be biased because i got in when difficulty was 2k. its on its way to 1th now. was worth nothing, and now its 350 sats. this feels like eth did in the beginning, but without all the fuck ups. listed on coinmarketcap, trading on cryptobridge. no coin has grown a community this large this fast. its been 2 months. ill say this again, if its not proof of work, its shit. white paper out in a few weeks. fork in 8 months to add token layer. lets see where this goes. ive got a little faith.


RVN is finally on CMC


Hi There, I just worked out how to mine Raven Coin with CPU and AMD cards. If you need to know I can post the steps if anyone’s interested @ $0.04…


Here’s a great explanation as to why the RVN community has boomed with the network hashrate nearing 1TH/s. Who knows where it will end up, excited to see what the white paper has to offer.


Anybody knows where I can the private keys in the Raven wallet?


Is it possible to mine with mac? I have a macbook pro 15 retina with separate graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2 GB). The mac is couple of years old. Can I mine on it?


I tried but couldn’t get the gpuminer source to build. /K


linux and windows AMD miner now available:


Isn’t 598,000,000 just the number of coins that has been mined so far? That’s why I previously asked if anybody knows how long before all the coins are minded? same timeframe as bitcoin?

I’ve bought some. But still sceptical because the supply is going to be ridiculously big, bitcoin x 1000. That will reflect in the price once enough coins been mined I think. I hope the mining rate decreases exponentially fast soon.


Please open up your own post and explain your program. Not sure why I would want to mine alt coins with a third party program to only get paid in a coin that no one has ever heard of.

This has always been the case you guys didn’t do anything new. At least NH pays you out in BTC. Secondly as all Nvidia cards run off the same driver I am not sure why you are limited to the 10 series.

This just seems like a joke to me. Please open your own thread and give us the full run down.

This is a straight up BEEEEETTTTCONNNNECT of the mining world.