[OFFICIAL] Ravencoin Thread! - Overstock CEO's Secret Crypto Project?



You sir, are the real MVP!


No one owns Ravencoin? I thought they have a team of developers working on the project? Without being available on major exchange, price is not going to be liquid and potential to increase more difficult


Very nice. I guess you are real believer in the future of RVN. I looked at the white paper and roadmap. Everything looks solid. How much % of your portfolio is in RVN? I am thinking putting majority of my long term investment into Raven as well. Long term in crypto term = about 6 months - 18 months.


nothing wrong with going all in, i went all in on EOS, increased my stack with 50% in 3 days and then diversified again :slight_smile:


Great picks… POLY & ZRX have been doing awesome lately.
Too bad POLY is not supported on Binance… :frowning:


DDEX is where I got NCT, it isnt that difficult to use with ledger, picked some up yesterday very close to ico prices. Should be good when it gets listed on bigger exchanges (binance) etc…

also tryna pick up some RVN but cryptobridge seems a little harder to use, still trying


Thanks for the hint - playing the ZRX recover right now :cowboy_hat_face::sunglasses::+1:


Crypto chico on YouTube really believes that 0x will be the 1st ERC20 token listed on coinbase.



For anyone wondering how to check transactions for RVN



Awesome work on the research… only just started reading this post after mining it for a week now so i wont be putting any money into it apart from mining efforts, does look like a really interesting project to me too ill be holding onto my RVN for some time see where it goes


Yeah i’m doing the same thing. There are better coins out there to put money into.





Wow, are they doing Twitch.tv livestream?? +1 points from me. Great idea. :slight_smile:


This was a great presentation. I think it is the first one that I actually enjoyed watching.


From coindesk stream at consensus 2018.

I made this meme for the lulz.
No serious.

Context starts at 7:21


Never forget, it was Satoshi who said “1 CPU, 1 vote”. That was what he envisioned at that time for BTC, obviously he was not able to clearly see the future capabilities of hardware.


NiceHash adds RVN

You can now mine RVN on Ubuntu 16.04

RAVEN Coin Mining Are You In?