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You don’t see me flinching brotha! Bring it onnnn! :sunglasses::shopping_cart::moneybag:


NEO Amsterdam, lots of juicy details about the future inside:


Do you think we’ll see a NEO bull run? Seems like lots of great news coming in the later half of April.


$MCT airdrop to neo addresses. You can find the scripthash in neotracker under contracts. Add it to your neon wallet.


what is it worth…can’t find it on CMC?


Sources? Dgdgvvlgxvgh



Not yet listed. Was looking at other neo projects last night and $MCT ico probably went between $0.06 - $0.11, rough ballpark.


Strongly urge to DYOR, but

  1. it’s an airdrop
  2. looks like it resolves an important deficiency in Neo smart contracts; the function/ability to send a payment.


Neo smart contracts are able to receive payments, but lacked the ability to send payments. Somehow the example was given of Neo tokens getting burned/locked when people tried to send NEO to purchase ONT. If I’m understanding correctly the function of MCT would have prevented those NEO from leaving the senders’ wallets since the transaction never could’ve been executed.

Something like that, or maybe I’ve got the details reversed. It’s outlined in the link I posted above this comment.


Let’s hope for the Ontology scenario. Would be nice


Thank you for this.


not quite understanding how to claim this…


right now you can claim if you have assets in your neo wallet, but NEO and GAS do not count b/c they aren’t nep-5 tokens.
The exchanges haven’t said if they’ll support the distribution. My guess is that they will not.

Here is a good walk-thru. And the relevant script hash will be on that neotracker dot (io) website under Contracts.


this should be a reminder to ALL as to why you should be storing all of your tokens in a safe place :wink:


Got my MCT. Thanks @BlackKitty


I checked this morning and my MCT tokens are in the wallet (NEON). So I went ahead and added the script hash for Red Pulse and added those tokens as well. Worked flawlessly and the transaction time was very fast.


Didn’t know there was a Red Pulse airdrop?


It’s not an airdrop. I bought them from Kucoin.


For fooking realz…i was watching ONT when it was $2 and i shoulda coulda woulda…however i was tryna not to FOMO into it…finally took a position at $4…smh


So I just found out I have a bunch of MCT in my Neon wallet. I was trying to collect all of the NEP-5 tokens at one time lol. I read a lot of forums and listen to several youtubers, but did not see any mention about MCT. Maybe it was a surprise?