Official NEO Discussion Thread



great news! no need to transfer funds from eToro to binance to purchase neo anymore


NEO at #5 spot on coinpuffs??


We’re numba 5! :neo::neo::neo:


Number 7 now…


Looks like neo could be taking a nose dive


Hope not…


Any news around what may be causing this?


Thought about this last night after reading the FUDster nonsense. Mine is in my NeonWallet and I’m not at home so not much I can do but watch…I hate to sell based on shit like that anyway, but it would be an opportunity to buy in again later. Looks like it may be a bumpy ride down for some of us.


A warning for neo
It’s in the pub so just search for that title mate


I tried searching but couldn’t find a NEO DCA … Any leads on where to find it?
NEO under $50 is a great buy :sunglasses:


If you’re talking about Peter doing a DCA on NEO, I don’t believe he did. He threw a large sum of money at NEO at $5 sometime in the middle of last year. You’re right though, NEO is a very good platform to DCA into :slight_smile: .


Why did you not include that small bounce at the bottom?

I think it’s pretty unlikely for NEO to explode, or any coin any time soon considering how hard bitcoin is pushing to a bear market. Last time this happened, we had a 3 year long bear market ;/


So you’re suggesting that you think we maybe be in another very long bear market?


Yes. (20charrrrrrrrrrrrsssss)


interesting, and in your honest opinion, what’s the lowest you see btc going?


wow even $1000 is very very bad news, that’s so low, but who knows given the time i guess. But do you think after these lows, bitcoin will reach a new ATH?


Yes. ( 20charrrrsssssss )


Well i hope you’re correct :joy: but the ammount that people would buy though at $500/1k would be crazy. Well i mena maybe not to many people, as a lot would have exited i know, but people that really trust in crypto would have a field day.


I think those prices are unlikely unless we have an actual serious bear market. 4k sounds like a more likely bottom imo.

4k Would be the same retracement as the BTC price did after the 2013 pump.


I agree with you tbh, imo we’re going to 6k, then to the 11k zone, back to 4. could play out, we will both see in time. lots of profit to may made my friend.